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Sell Your iPhone

iPhone 6
Get up to $555
iPhone 6 Plus
Get up to $619
iPhone 5S
Get up to $274
iPhone 5C
Get up to $187
iPhone 5
Get up to $174
iPhone 4S
Get up to $96
iPhone 4
Get up to $56
iPhone 3GS
Get up to $21

How Selling Your iPhone on Glyde Works

List your iPhone
Find out how much your used iPhone is worth and list it for sale in seconds.
Ship your iPhone
When your iPhone sells, we'll email you and send you a Glyde shipping kit, complete with a pre-paid label.
Get paid
After your buyer receives the iPhone, your cash is deposited into your Glyde account.

Why Sell Your iPhone on Glyde?

You’re able to get more for your iPhone on Glyde because you’re selling it to another person on a true peer-to-peer marketplace. The resale market for iPhones is very strong, so you can always expect a quick sale. Best of all, we send you a box to ship, securely handle all money movements, and pay you cash.