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Shop Confidently With Premium Pre-Owned

What’s a Premium Pre-Owned phone? It’s a like-new phone that receives the highest
condition rating after 30+ functional and cosmetic tests. And they can save you up to 50%
compared to buying new. But if you want a new phone, no problem, we sell those too.

Upgrade The Way You Buy And Sell Mobile Devices

Easy Trade-In Process

It takes less than 15 seconds to get a very competitive offer for your trade-in with our easy online quiz.

Shop Premium Pre-Owned Or New

Shop the most popular Apple and Samsung phones and save up to 50% when you buy Premium Pre-Owned.

Upgrade Faster With Our Buyback Guarantee

We're so confident in the quality of our pre-owned phones we'll buy them back in 12 months for a guaranteed value.

Featured Devices

  1. Premium Pre-Owned

    Apple iPhone 6

    GSM Unlocked/32GB/Space Gray

    Special Price $119.99 MSRP $449.99
    73% off MSRP
  1. New

    Samsung Galaxy S8

    GSM Unlocked/64GB/Maple Gold

    Special Price $489.99 MSRP $499.99
    2% off MSRP
  1. Premium Pre-Owned

    Apple iPhone 8 Plus

    GSM & CDMA Unlocked/64GB/Space Gray

    Special Price $459.99 MSRP $549.99
    16% off MSRP
  1. New

    Samsung Galaxy S9

    GSM Unlocked/64GB/Lilac Purple

    Special Price $589.99 MSRP $599.99
    2% off MSRP

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Get the latest iPhone and Samsung devices with the
benefits of shopping on Glyde.

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Why buy used phones on Glyde? All our used phones are in like-new condition, receiving a Premium Pre-Owned grade after going through 30+ functional and cosmetic tests and inspections.

Buying Premium Pre-Owned costs roughly 15%-80% less than buying new-in-box. These price discounts are based on the MSRP the last year the device was manufactured and sold new-in-box by the OEM. For example, phones like the iPhone 8 that are still in production and sold new-in-box by Apple, are compared to the list price currently on Phones no longer in production, like the iPhone 6S, are compared to what Apple sold a new-in-box 6S in 2017, the last year it was in production. The longer the device has been out of production, the greater the discount you should expect.

When comparing our Premium Pre-Owned prices to other websites, remember condition has a dramatic effect on the price. So if the price for the same used device is lower on another website, it’s because the condition is not comparable.