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Glyde is pausing new transactions starting 11/19 as we prepare to launch a brand new site in December.

About Us

We believe buying and selling your things online should be easy, safe, and economical.

Glyde is a new kind of marketplace that combines the great deals of a person-to-person online market with the ease of a retail store.

How to buy and sell on Glyde

Buy on Glyde and save up to 90%

Why pay full retail price when you can buy quality used and new products at bargain prices and receive the same service, convenience, and protection as a retail store? Our buying experience is as simple as it gets, and our protections ensure your satisfaction.

Selling is as easy as throwing it away

You probably have hundreds of dollars worth of stuff sitting in your home collecting dust. For the first time, it is truly easy to turn your stuff into money at a fair price. Glyde has created a selling experience unsurpassed anywhere on the web. It takes merely seconds to list an item for sale, and it's effortless to send your sold items in our pre-addressed, pre-stamped shipping kits - we send you the packaging.

“Glyde's approach is to attract people using a slick, uncluttered Web site that cuts many steps out of the e-commerce process.”

“Its software shoulders so much of the hassle of listing products that the company claims a novice can do it in 10 seconds.”