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Giving new life to the tech that powers yours.

Certified. Pre-owned. That’s Glyde.  

We're on a mission to change the way you buy used tech. Why? Because technology gives us access, and technology is our passport to the world around us. Everyone must have the ability to participate and have access to these tech-passports (phones, tablets, laptops, VR...and so on). And we believe everyone should also have a delightful experience making that purchase, whether buying brand new or pre-owned.   

Glyde wants to empower you.   

Did you know, the average person in the United States will upgrade their devices every 18-24 months? (1) With cool new tech hitting the market every year, why wouldn't you upgrade for something shiny? 

Here's where Glyde comes in...  

The devices traded for upgrades were manufactured to live long past the initial 18-24 month run. Glyde doesn't want to cut these devices off at the knees! There's so much life and value they can provide to someone else!   
The cost of mobile phones and other consumer electronics are going up, up, up! And buying brand new is not an option for everyone. But that doesn't mean it should be less exciting to buy something new for you!  Billionaires and tree-huggers alike are opting to make better choices for the planet by participating in the secondary market or “used-economy”; you’re in good company.  
Whether you are committing to offsetting your emission or carbon-footprint through buying used devices (go you!) or need a new tablet at the best price available in the market (also, go you!), we are here for you. 
Give new life to the tech that powers yours. Let’s Glyde!