A New Way to Trade-In, Buy or Sell Used Smartphones in 2019

Is it worth buying a used iPhone or Android device?  What’s your current smartphone really worth?  Wonder no more. Glyde introduces a new way to trade-in your mobile phone and upgrade to a new one. You’ll get value for your current phone, a Premium Pre-Owned device for up to 50% less than buying new, and faster upgrades with our Buyback Guarantee program.

So you’re ready for a newer model smartphone, but the thought of spending up to $1,000 is holding you back? You could opt to trade-in your current phone yourself, but what’s it worth? And if you buy a newer used model, how much should you pay and who can you trust?

Hang onto your used smartphone because a newer, easier and more affordable way to trade-in your old phone is here. Glyde is revolutionizing how the used phone market works, and it’s all good news for you.

smartphone sales decrease in 2019 - why buying and selling used phones is growing so much

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The Smartphone Market is Shrinking, While Used Smartphone Sales Are Growing

Every wondered if pre-owned smartphones are a better option than a new one? With skyrocketing prices, fewer new device features and obligatory protection plans, millions of consumers are hanging onto their current models and opting to buy used. Globally, the new phone market has been in a decline since 2017, with the U.S. experiencing its sharpest decline this year, according to the mobile phone analysts at International Data Corporation.

At the same time, the used phone market has been heating up, becoming the fastest-growing segment of the mobile phone business.  By 2025, an estimated 227 million used phones will be sold, according to Persistence Market Forecasting. So this means there are lots of opportunities for consumers to buy a newer smartphone model at a lower price. But what’s the price?

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Selling Or Buying Used Smartphones On Your Own Can Be Dangerous

No doubt, buying a used phone is a smart, eco-friendly choice and an affordable option. But knowing how much to pay for a used smartphone isn’t easy. “For sale” searches can turn up wildly different prices for the same model.

Plus, there’s no way to know the history of that particular phone. Or what’s the difference between “used” and “refurbished” models? Has the phone been repaired? Did it fall in the water?

Without much information, you’re taking your chances that the used device you buy is solid.  But Glyde is changing all that so read on.

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The Solution? Glyde – A Site Where You Can Easily Browse the Highest Quality Pre-Owned Apple and Samsung Devices (For Up To 50% Less)

Glyde understands that you want the best quality pre-owned device on the market at a great price. And you want a buying process that’s easier than the current hunt and click model that’s not only frustrating, but takes up your valuable time.

That’s why Glyde did the legwork and the research to develop a network of reliable sources to provide top-quality, pre-owned phones that are amongst the best available on the market.

Plus, because Glyde’s revolutionized and streamlined the used phone buying and selling process, these phones are priced up to 50% less than buying new.

Premium Pre-Owned Phones

Let’s face it – your phone is your connection to the world around you – family, work, play, entertainment, news. Text, talk, stream.  Your device is probably within arms reach at any given moment.

You ask a lot of your phone, so it better come through by working right and looking good, too. In fact, research shows U.S. consumers will spend more time this year on their phones than watching TV.

Knowing this, Glyde has developed a revolutionary new way of identifying the best used models in the market and ensuring they are as good as new.

Here’s how: Before Glyde selects a phone for its site, it runs each unit through 30+ functional and cosmetic inspections. That means you can be sure the phone is fully functional and is of the highest cosmetic condition grade.

So, you’re not getting any old used phone.  You’re getting one of the best used models available on the market today at a better price. That’s why we call them Premium Pre-Owned phones.

100% Money-Back Guarantee 

If you’ve ever bought a clunker phone, you know the value of a good guarantee. No worries here.

When you buy a Glyde Premium Pre-Owned iPhone – or any mobile device from Glyde, you’ll not only get a 2-month warranty covering manufacturing defects.

You get a 14-day, 100% money-back refund policy if you are not satisfied with our device.  You can even add an accidental damage protection plan if you’d like – it’s all up to you.

Value For Your Trade-In

Don’t leave money on the table.

With Glyde, you can lower the cost of your new device by trading in your old one. Simply take our online quiz to get a trade-in value, ship the trade-in to Glyde, and get paid.

And if the trade-in is the phone you use everyday, we give you a grace period so you have time to receive your new phone and change the SIM card before shipping us the trade-in.

Faster Upgrades! 

Glyde helps you keep up with the latest mobile technology for less.

When you select the Buyback Guarantee at the time of purchase, you’re opting into a very smart “Smart Contract” that gives you a guaranteed trade-in price.

And exactly twelve months later, you can sell it back to Glyde for the guaranteed amount and upgrade to a newer model.

Simple, Easy Process

Your iPhone 6 battery loses its charge fast.  You see pictures taken by your friends on newer iPhone models, and with that upgraded camera, they look much better. Your screen is cracked. And your contract with your carrier is about up. You’re so ready to trade in your old phone. Rather than shop around on different websites, you decide to try the new Glyde that offers Premium Pre-Owned phones priced up to 50% less than buying new.

With just a few clicks, you can take our online trade-in quiz and get a trade-in value for your phone – and yes we even take phones with broken screens. You’ve also spotted a newer iPhone X on Glyde.com. You are satisfied with the trade-in value and you’re ready to upgrade.

So, you accept the trade-in offer and purchase the iPhone X. Glyde sends you the new phone, you swap out the SIM card, and mail your old device back to Glyde. After Glyde verifies the phone received is the phone described in the trade-in quiz, you get a credit for the trade-in value – it’s that easy. And that’s just the beginning of how Glyde will change your used phone buying experience.

Glyde smartphone trade in program money back guarantee

Still Not Sure About Glyde? We Offer Protection for All of Our Products. 

Like baggage fees for airlines, phone protection plans have become a cash cow that thrives on your wallet. Current used phone protection plans are money out of your pocket that you’ll never see, and if your phone never needs service or replacement, that’s maddening. Not to mention the hassle of having to send your device in for repair and waiting to get it back.

That all changes with TessaB Protect, which is available on all phones that Glyde sells. This powerful phone protection program gives you the coverage you want without the hassle you don’t need.

Device is down?

Phone accidentally damaged or malfunctioning? Why suffer through the inconvenience of running to a repair shop and waiting to have your phone fixed. With TessaB Protect, a comparable replacement will be in at your doorstep within two business days of claim approval.

Can’t find your phone receipt?

TessaB Protect stores your protection plan data on our blockchain registry. So, unlike with other carriers, you’re not out of luck if you lose your phone’s original purchase receipt.

Changing carriers?

Why miss the opportunity to switch to a better plan just because your protection coverage is locked into your carrier? With TessaB Protect, your protection plan is with your phone, not the carrier. Which means it’s easier for you to take advantage of the latest data plans or enhanced service offered by other carriers.

The Bigger Idea Behind Glyde – Building A Revolutionary New Platform for the Used Phone Market: The TessaB Ecosystem

best way to buy and sell used phones online - tessaB

Glyde isn’t just about trading-in or buying a newer model Premium Pre-Owned phone at the best price. It’s also about building an ecosystem of phone users, sellers, and vendors who want every transaction to be transparent and every price to be fair. That’s why we’re the first provider to partner with TessaB, a powerful ecosystem that uses digital and blockchain technology to record and streamline the buying, selling and trade-in process for mobile phones.

The more information TessaB can record on its device registry, including the history and condition of mobile devices in the TessaB Ecosystem, the more transparent the used phone market will be. It all adds up to better quality phones at the best prices for you and your fellow smartphone shoppers.

The used phone market is going to continue to grow faster than the new phone market, which is good news for consumers who want a newer phone at a better price. With Glyde’s new marketplace, powered by TessaB, the process of buying and selling a used phone will not only be easier and more transparent, it will be more affordable in many ways.

The goal is to become a CarFax for mobile devices, plus a little bit more. No one buys a used car today without checking CarFax. So shouldn’t you be able to do the same with your mobile phone?

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