More people are going green by choosing a high-quality used smartphone. 

If you’re looking for ways to help save the planet and money at the same time, join the millions who are extending the life of mobile devices by buying high-quality preowned phones. You’ll get a great phone at a lower price, and help the environment, too!

Choosing Pre-Owned Smart Phones is Environmentally Friendly

Let’s face it, recycling is the norm today.  Whether you’re choosing paper over plastic or bringing your own bags, carrying a reusable water bottle, or sorting your trash, you’re part of the movement to help reduce waste and clean up the environment. 

Caring about the environment is the norm these days. More than half of Americans in a recent survey say they recycle whenever possible to help protect the environment and the majority are bothered by seeing something in the trash that could be recycled.    

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So where does your smartphone fit in? 

Have you ever thought about how buying a new smartphone fits into the environmental equation?  Or do you just buy a new model when you’re ready for an upgrade?  

Yes, people love their smartphones. And they like to upgrade, too.  And why not? There’s a certain amount of excitement that comes from getting a new smartphone.  Just unboxing it and seeing a sparkling new phone is satisfying. No dents, no scratches, no cracked glass!  And those new features, that larger screen, better camera, faster battery charging, what’s not to like?

How Do Smartphones Impact the Environment? 

If you think the only metal in your new phone is that rose gold shell, think about what lies beneath. Inside your phone are precious metals that are necessary components of a smartphone’s operation.  Those rare materials include silver, gold and palladium, and they come from mines that contribute to the world’s CO2 emissions. And, mining costs represent 85% to 95% of your phone’s CO2 emissions in its first two years according to Greenpeace.  

how do smart phones impact the environment

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And what’s more, smartphones with larger screens have a worse carbon footprint than their smaller-screened predecessors.

used smart phone trends - environmental impact of smartphones

pre owned phones trends - environmental impacts of smart phones

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Smart Phone Upgrades Create More Waste

Believe it or not, the U.S. leads worldwide by having the shortest time for upgrading to a new mobile device.  It could be a phone is lost or damaged, which is one big reason phones are replaced. But people also like to upgrade and take advantage of the latest phone features or network capabilities.  While it’s nice to get a newer model phone, a shorter replacement cycle can impact the environment as the demand for newer models and features grow.

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The good news is, you can upgrade to a newer phone and help the environment too by choosing a quality preowned phone. 

There are a lot of people just like you who are considering the switch to a used smartphone. Like Dianna, a 36-year-old mother of a busy toddler with another on the way.  She uses cloth napkins (“I’m trying to conserve”) and does her best to recycle and reuse at home and work. So, buying a used phone is very attractive to her because it’s an easy way to be green without any additional effort. Plus, daycare’s expensive, and getting a quality used phone for a better price than a new one is another good reason to go preowned versus new.

It turns out, Diana is in the new majority when it comes to buying a smartphone. Sales of used smartphones are rising while new phone sales are slowing. Experts attribute the growth in the used phone market to several factors, including the skyrocketing costs of new devices, the declining number of new features being incorporated into new phones, and the desire to reduce e-waste. 

Used Smart Phones: A Way to Upgrade Affordably & Help the Environment

used smart phone trends - why switch to pre-owned smart phones

Consider this: It’s predicted that at least 10 percent of percent of premium smartphones bought in 2016 will end up having three or more owners before being retired, and will still be used actively in 2020 or beyond. The longer a phone is in use, the better for the environment. And with a high-quality preowned phone, you won’t even know the difference!

Plus, your choice of a preowned phone makes a big difference. One million cell phones recycled saves 35 thousand pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That’s a heck of a lot of natural resources that could be preserved, especially when there are millions of quality smartphones that are just waiting to be recycled. 

And look at how green your choice is: one new phone takes as much energy as recharging and operating a smartphone for an entire decade.

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Find the Best High-Quality Used Phones on

Glyde is out to revolutionize the used smartphone market by offering a better way to buy and sell preowned mobile devices that are of such high quality, you get a newer phone experience for up to 50% less than what you’d pay elsewhere. 

Before a smartphone is accepted for resale by Glyde, it undergoes more than 30 diagnostic and cosmetic tests and inspections. It’s only after a mobile device gets the green light from Glyde’s technicians that it’s made available to you.  

Your preowned phone from Glyde will not only offer the new features and performance you’re looking for in a newer phone, with that newer phone look and feel.

It’s easy to trade in with Glyde and upgrade your experience. 

When you’re ready to upgrade to a newer model phone, just take Glyde’s simple two-question online quiz and that’s it. Your trade in is fast and easy, plus you’ll extend your old phone’s new life when it’s purchased again.  

Upgrade every year with Glyde’s Buyback Guarantee. 

Why feel guilty about wanting the latest features and phones – everyone does! You can keep up with smartphone technology with Glyde’s Buyback Guarantee. 

How? It’s easy with Glyde’s unique partnership with the TessaB Blockchain Ecosystem. It’s a powerful tool that revolutionizes the used smartphone buying experience.  The secret is in TessaB’s blockchain capability, which stores the history and condition of the phone you buy from Glyde in a digital ledger than can’t be changed. 

When you buy a phone from Glyde, you can opt to sell the phone back to Glyde in exactly twelve months for a fixed price. It’s easy: with a few taps on your smartphone screen, you can execute a blockchain-enabled smart contract to sell your mobile device back to Glyde. If you change your mind, no problem, just keep the phone. 

Later, when you’re ready to upgrade, simply run your smartphone though the mobile diagnostic tests run on the TessaB Connect App (which will be available later this year).  Glyde will confirm your device is fully functional and that’s it. You can mail your phone back and boom – get paid!  

Final Thoughts: Recycling & Re-Using Old Smartphones

In today’s fast-paced smartphone environment, a family can end up spending thousands of dollars to keep up with new model smartphones. It’s not only costly to you, it’s harming the environment for generations to come. With the new Glyde, you can buy a used mobile device with a confidence that’s never been available before.

If you’re considering buying a used phone today, here are a few eco tips:

  1. Consider what you’ll do with your current model phone.  Pass it on to a family member, give it to charity, or sell it to Glyde.  Just don’t put it in your drawer. The longer you hang onto an old phone, the more likely it will become obsolete and no longer useful for anything but the recycling bin.
  2. Review what features you use the most on your current phone and what new features you’re looking for on a newer model device.  Avoid the tendency to go right for the latest model phone if you can.  
  3. If you like to upgrade regularly, opt for a Buyback Guarantee that you’ll get on Glyde. 

Remember, our premium preowned phones come with a two-month warranty that covers manufacturers defects and a 14-day, 100% money-back return policy if you are not satisfied with your mobile device. No risk, no contracts, it’s a new era of smartphone ownership. So go ahead. Be green without sacrificing a high-quality smartphone experience. Recycle and reuse your smartphones. Visit today.