For Apple enthusiasts, fall has turned into the time of year where you look forward to upgrading to a new phone as Apple releases their newest product. This year, the iPhone 11 launched with sleek new features, improved cameras, and a lower price tag than the iPhone X. 

If you are someone who doesn’t need to upgrade every year, you might still be clinging to your iPhone 7 – ahhh the sweet memories of having a home button. But, you probably also know that your beloved device is getting older, and there are newer, better models on the market now that are worth upgrading to.

If you’ve been eyeing the newest iPhone models and looking for trade-in options, you may be in luck. Typically, used phone prices spike around this time of year, meaning you can get paid cash for your used iPhone 7 – and maybe even use this towards a new phone! 

You’re probably asking, “How much is my iPhone 7 worth?” The Glyde team created this guide to help you calculate the value of your iPhone 7 and get the most cash for your trade-in.

How Much is My iPhone 7 Worth? – Price Breakdown By Model

The tables below show some of the average values for 7’s, depending on condition and memory. Like most used smartphones, the size and condition of your device determine its value. 

These prices are a summary of trade-in values currently in the market. Even broken iPhone 7’s still have value depending on the nature of the defect. For example, broken cameras will hold more value than a broken home button or water damage.

Used iPhone 7 Value 





Like New  $130 $155 $165
Decent $90 $90 $90
Broken $40 $40 $40

Used iPhone 7 Plus Value 





Like New  $220 $245 $255
Decent $150 $150 $150
Broken $60 $60 $60

What Determines the Value of My iPhone 7?

As you can see, there is a wide variety of price differences based on the condition and size of the phones. When you are considering trading in your iPhone 7, there are a few major factors that will affect trade-in value. The top three are:

  1. Carrier
  2. Size
  3. Condition


You would assume that the carrier would not matter. However, phones are configured based on the carrier network used. Some networks are more flexible and can be used across the market. Others use proprietary systems and these can only be used by that specific carrier. Each of these factors will have an impact on the pricing per carrier. Carriers also offer subsidies on used phones and will pay more on trade-ins to lock you into long-term plans. Also, some carriers are in higher demand than others by consumers.


Size doesn’t only refer to the size of the phone. Plus phones are bigger and will have a bigger trade-in value. Memory size also matters as well. For example, looking at the chart above, the smaller phone with more memory has greater value than an iPhone 7 Plus with less memory. Both memory and phone size should be considered.


The condition of a phone is probably the hardest to determine on your own. You may be comfortable with the cosmetic damage on your phone because it still works and performs well. But your definition of cosmetic damage could be different than where you decide to trade the phone. If the cosmetic damage can be buffed away, there is more value than cracked glass. There will be a bigger cost for the company to repair the glass. 

If the LCD is damaged and there is bleeding inside the screen, the value drops to zero most of the time, because it costs more to repair than the phone is worth at that point – making it difficult to find people who will buy phones with this type of damage. You can usually sell them for scrap, or the value of the metals inside, but no reputable reseller will purchase your phone from you if it has LCD damage. 

Product Life Cycle

You should consider the pricing trends on new phones before you think of trading your phone and upgrading. Certain times of the years provide greater value.

Within 1- 3 months of a new phone release, we tend to see a depreciation in price. This is especially true for the iPhone. They tend to release in the fall of the year at their top price. If the demand for the phone is not strong, Apple will begin dropping their prices. The drop can be deeper as the holiday season approaches.

Retailers will often pay more for trade-ins during these periods so that you will consider upgrading the phone. 

Carrier / Vendor

We have discussed that the carrier can have a lot to do with the value of your phone. The vendor where you choose to sell can also impact how much you can potentially receive. Many retailers do not have the diagnostic tools to provide accurate value. In these cases, they often will give a lower offer, because they assume worst-case conditions.

Make sure you consider how a retailer investigates conditions before choosing to mail your phone. This is where it pays to review the terms and conditions. If you do not like the value they offer, it might be difficult to have your phone returned in a timely manner. You might find yourself struggling to receive the phone back, so you can rethink your options.

What Should I Trade My iPhone 7 For? 

Chances are, if you held on to your iPhone 7 for this long, you appreciate something with value for the price you are paying. You may not want or need the newest iPhone 11, and you could probably use a refresher about the different features some of the newer iPhone models have. 

Here are some of your options for upgrades. Keep in mind, the prices below are for premium used iPhones that pass our 30+ point 

iPhone 7

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone X

iPhone XS

iPhone XR

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

Price (Used)

$239.99 $459.99 $599.99 $949.99 $599.99 $699.99 $1199.99

Screen Size

4.7 in. 4.7 in 5.8 in 5.8 in 6.1 in 6.1 in 5.8 in


32, 128, 256 GB 64, 256 GB 64, 256 GB 64, 256, 512 GB 64, 256 GB 64, 128, 256 GB 64, 256, 512 GB

Screen Resolution

1334×750 1334×750 2436×1125 2436×1125 1792×828 1792×828 2436×1125

Camera Resolution

12 MP 12 MP 12 MP dual 12 MP dual 12 MP 12 MP 12 MP


Apple A10 Fusion Apple A11 Bionic Apple A11 Bionic Apple 12 Bionic Apple 12 Bionic Apple 13 Bionic Apple 13 Bionic


Touch ID Touch ID Face ID Face ID Face ID Face ID Face ID

Active Battery

14 hrs 14 hrs 21 hrs 20 hrs 25 hrs 30 hrs 30 hrs


Wired Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless

As you can see, jumping into an iPhone X or 11 has a lot of advantages over your old 7, and ideally has the best balance of value to price. Over the past few years, Apple has worked hard to improve screen resolutions and battery life dramatically. 

If you actively use your phone, especially for video and photography, stepping up to a better model will make a huge difference in performance. The iPhone 11 has a completely new processor as well, which brings lightning-fast speeds compared to the iPhone 7. You also have the option of using the FaceID feature and wireless charging. 

Battery life alone is a perfect reason to upgrade. Over time, every battery will degrade. The original active battery life on an iPhone 7 was 14 hours but if you have had the phone for several years, you probably had to buy a charging case to extend the life for daily use. You may be down to 5 hours of active battery life. Moving to 30 hrs makes the phone much more functional.

How to Get the Most Money for Your Old iPhone 7 

If you are looking to sell  your old iPhone 7, there are a few easy things you can do to make sure you get the most money for it: 

Regular Maintenance

There are steps you can to keep your phone performing at a high level. This will help when you are ready to trade-in and improve the value you will receive. Even if you haven’t done any of these steps regularly, start today and you will see improve the value and performance of the phone.

  1. Take Care of Your Battery. Charge your battery to 100% and then empty completely monthly. This small step improves battery lifespan.
  2. Update iOS & Apps. This keeps the phone bug-free and will help with future software issues.
  3. Delete Unneeded Apps and Saved Data. This includes things such as photos, videos, documents, etc…
  4. Restart Regularly. This will keep the data and processor clean.
  5. Back-Up Your Phone. Use iCloud or other cloud-based storage systems such as Google Photos. You will need to do this be trading the phone in.
  6. Protect from Water: Do everything you can to protect a phone from liquids. This is especially true with the iPhone 7. Water damage kills trade-in value. The iPhone 7 doesn’t have the water-resistant features later models have. The newer water-resistant features are a perfect reason to upgrade.

Before You Trade-In

Before you trade-in your phone, there are simple steps you need to complete. These steps allow the trade to be complete and protect your personal data. You will also learn more about your phone and be able to assess the value more accurately.

    1. Turn Off Find My iPhone. This is a security feature that protects your phone. If you don’t diable before selling, no one will be able to use or reset it.
    2. Wipe the Data: Sign out of all apps, services, and connected accounts. Go into settings and erase all content and settings. Then Reset all settings to factory settings.
    3. Clean Your Phone: You may have cosmetic damage than might be dirt or can be buffed. Use a soft microfiber cloth and a non-ammonia glass cleaner. Remove any skins and screen protectors.
    4. Check for Water Damage: Locate the SIM tray slot on the right side of the phone. A white field indicator will turn red if the phone has experienced any water damage. You want to know about it before you deliver to the vendor or you may get less than you expect. 
    5. Check Basic Functions: Test the charge port. You can do this with iTunes on a computer. If the computer does not recognize, there may be a problem with the port. 
    6. Test Call Functionality and Volume Controls: Every feature on your phone must work properly in order to get the most value out of it.
    7. iPhone Touchscreen Test: The calculator is a good place to test this. If any of the buttons on the calculator don’t work properly, the touchscreen may have issues. Don’t forget to rotate the phone and try again. This can help you identify any potential dead zones. 
    8. Test the Camera Hardware: Make sure your camera works well in all modes for both video and photographs, also make sure the microphone works as well.
    9. Test the Wi-Fi Antenna: You should probably know if this is working if you regularly connect to your home wifi.

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Where is the Best Place to Sell My Old iPhone? 

Ultimately, if you’re looking to sell your old phone, you want to make sure that you choose a trusted source that will give you fair resale value and trade-in credit towards a new or used phone.

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