If you’re considering a used phone, you’re looking to get the best value for your dollar. 

Sure, you’d like a nice camera, and some decent browsing speed, with some good memory, and support on the most recent software updates – but you don’t exactly need the brand new model, or really anything close. 

That makes you a perfect candidate for a premium used phone, but the question then becomes, which phone is best for you? 

If you are an iPhone user, chances are, you’ve contemplated getting an iPhone 6 or 6S model. It’s perfect for your needs. New enough to have solid features, but old enough to be very affordable. 

But is the iPhone 6 worth it in 2019? 

In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know to find the answer to this question and find the best used phone for your needs. You will learn: 

Is the iPhone 6 Still a Good Phone in 2019? 

Yes, the iPhone 6 is still a good phone in 2019, especially if size matters to you. This phone comes with a decent amount of capacity, marked a serious turning point for design, and features quintessential things like the home button and the headphone jack. 

What About the iPhone 6S?

The iPhone 6S is also a good phone to 2019. It features all the same support structure and design components as the iPhone 6 but you can get higher levels of storage and slightly faster performance.

iPhone 6 vs. 6S Review: Let’s Rewind

It’s probably been a while since you’ve seen an iPhone 6, so let’s take a second to do a side-by-side comparison of the iPhone 6 vs. the iPhone 6S in order to learn which one may be best for you based on features. 

should i buy an iphone 6s in 2019 - is the iphone 6s worth it still

iPhone 6

  • AT&T and T-Mobile
  • GSM Unlocked
  • 16/64 GB
  • 1.2-Megapixel Camera
should i buy an iphone 6 in 2019 - great deals on used iphone 6 phones online

iPhone 6S

  • AT&T and T-Mobile
  • GSM Unlocked
  • 16/32/64 GB
  • 5-Megapixel Camera
Feature(s) iPhone 6 iPhone 6s 
Performance  Apple A8 (originally) Apple A9 (originally)
Storage 16/64 GB 16/32/64 GB
Camera 8 megapixels 12 megapixels
Battery 1810 mAh 1715 mAh
Display 4.7 inches 4.7 inches
Front camera 1.2 megapixels 5 megapixels
Rear camera 8 megapixels 12 megapixels
Light sensor? Yes Yes
Proximity sensor? Yes Yes
Accelerometer? Yes Yes
Barometer? Yes Yes
Compass? No Yes
Gyroscope? Yes Yes
Fingerprint sensor? Yes Yes
SIM Slot Single SIM, GSM Single SIM, GSM
Headphone jack 3.5mm 3.5mm

The iPhone 6 marked a turning point for screen size. It was a big leap from the 4 inch screen of the 5s model. In fact, Apple sold 40% more of the iPhone 6’s than previous models. It’s not the best selling model ever, but it’s close. 

Overall, the 6S is a bit faster and has a 5-megapixel camera, when compared to the 1.2-megapixel camera of the iPhone 6. 

Considering both phones are old enough to be under the $200 price point, you may want to consider spending the extra $50 or so to get an iPhone 6S over the 6, just for the vast improvement in camera quality and memory. 

complete iphone 6 review - everything you need to know about the iphone 6

iPhone 6 vs. 6S Review: Features Breakdown

1. Dimensions: How Big is the iPhone 6?  

The iPhone 6 and 6S are both the same size but it’s important to note that one of the biggest features people like about these models is the fact that they are still small enough that you can easily use them with one hand. 

A common complaint lodged against newer, larger iPhones is that trying to use the phone one-handed is very difficult. So if you’re someone who typically checks things and scrolls with one hand, the iPhone 6 may be something you find more comfortable or easy to use than the newer, larger models.

2. Storage: What About Memory?

iPhone 6 models are available in three memory capacities: 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. They only have 1GB of  RAM which is significantly less than most iPhones on the market today – but this was during a time that there was a lot less being required of the operating system in terms of display. The 6S on the other hand has quite a bit more RAM, which is probably better if you use multiple apps at a time, or tend to do a lot of things at once on your phone. 

The storage capacity for the iPhone 6 starts at 16GB, which is quite small, but you can upgrade to 64GB or 128GB. The iPhone 6S, by comparison, starts at 64GB, but you have the option of the 128GB or 256GB model also. 

Generally speaking, anything less than 64GB these days is not that much. To give you an idea of how much storage you need, it is important to note that about 10GB will probably be software, another 5GB will be apps, and then you will have about 50GB left over for pictures, documents, videos, etc… 

When you consider that about 500 photos on this camera is 1GB, and 1 hour of video on this resolution of camera is about another 1GB of video, you really can’t get away with anything less than 64GB if you want to be able to take photos, download apps, and keep documents on your phone without losing performance or having to back them up frequently. 

3. Price: Is it Worth the Cost?

The most basic version of the iPhone 6 with just 16GB of storage is $99. For someone who needs a smartphone that has all the features you need, this is probably the best deal on the market for your dollar. 

On the higher end of the price spectrum, the iPhone 6S with 64GB of storage is $149. On Glyde, the rest of the used iPhone 6’s you’ll find are between this price range – offering you a great value for a high quality used phone that you can trust. 

4. Camera: Looking Behind the Lens

The iPhone 6 has a decent camera, but there is a noticeable difference when looking at a photo or video taken on the iPhone 6S. At the end of the day, paying about $60 more for a solid camera that has HD video and photos, along with more storage isn’t such a bad deal. 

But, if you can get by without the best photos, the iPhone 6 still has a decent camera, and plenty of other features that make it an amazing deal for under $100. 

5. Customer Reviews: What Do Users Have to Say?

Both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S are some of the highest reviewed iPhone models to date. They each have an average of 4.5 stars with more than 30,000 reviews on Google alone. 

For their time, they were certainly ahead of the curve, offering superior features to just about any competing smartphone at the time. In fact, they were so ahead of their time that using one today, you still feel like you’re using a brand new phone that can keep up with the rest of them. 

Also noteworthy is the fact that this is the last line of iPhones to have a headphone jack and a home button – small features, but definitely something that a lot of iPhone users seriously miss with the new models. 

Can You Still Buy an iPhone 6? 

Yes. The iPhone 6 is no longer sold by Apple, but you can still get great deals on a premium used iPhone 6 through reputable online resellers.

Is it Worth Buying an iPhone 6?

This is a question you’ll have to ask yourself based on what you prefer in a phone. For a lot of people, the size and design of the iPhone 6 is great because it was one of the most popular models for one-handed use, and a lot of the newer models are simply too big to allow this. 

The iPhone 6 also comes with the headphone jack and home button, which a lot of people missed with newer models. 

More importantly though, these phones still work well with iOS updates, and have features that are still useful, convenient, and easy to use in 2019. 

At the end of the day, you won’t have the newest phone, but you’ll get some of the best value you can when it comes to buying used, and you’ll have so many options to choose from in terms of design and features, since there are so many used 6’s on the market now. 

should i buy an iphone 6 - is the iphone 6 worth it

7 Reasons You Should Consider Getting an iPhone 6 

1. It’s Extremely Affordable 

The iPhone 6 and 6S are extremely affordable.  In fact, they are technically still one of the best iPhone deals in 2019. It gives you everything that people love about Apple phones, including the durability, camera quality, solid operating system, good memory, and all for a significantly cheaper price.

Buying a used iPhone 6 allows you to spend just a few hundred dollars on a new phone, while others are spending upwards of $1,000 for a phone that still uses the same operating system with the same support, the same high-quality design, and slightly higher quality cameras and displays.

2. It Comes with Plenty of Memory 

The memory is usually sufficient for people who use their phone and sync it to the cloud. Unless you’re using your phone to store every photo you’ve ever taken, it comes with plenty of memory. You should definitely be sure to go with the 64GB model though if you plan on storing a decent amount of photos, music, videos, documents, etc… on your phone. 

The fast performance is also pretty close to modern phones, with 2GB of RAM, considering some of the most expensive new phones only have 3-4GB. 

3. The Camera is Still Fantastic 

The camera in this model is still fantastic. iPhone cameras have been high quality for multiple generations and this one is no exception. Sure, it may not be as crisp as the ridiculously smooth 12-megapixel camera on the iPhone X or other new phone models, but it is still plenty of pixels to take quality pictures and videos.

You can even find great deals on the iPhone 6S Plus which has the optical image stabilization for the video camera and the photos camera on the back of the phone.

4. It Can Still Run iOS 12

While iPhone 6 can’t support iOS 13 and beyond due to processing power and memory, they do still work just fine with any iOS up to iOS 12. This means that you still have a very modern operating system that works very well and is still supported by Apple. The iPhone 6S can run iOS 13.

5. You Still Have a Headphone Jack & Home Button

A lot of people were upset by the elimination of the headphone jack and the home button. Newer models have a depression that they have to apply with a certain amount of pressure and it’s simply not as fun or easy to use as an actual button. If you are a big fan of the home button, you appreciate the iPhone 6 because it was the last model to maintain it.

In addition to the affordability of the phone itself, having the headphone jack gives you the opportunity to use whatever headphones you might have and still listen to your movies or music you love without having to invest in the wireless earpods.

6. It’s More Durable than the Newer iPhones

This design was the pinnacle of durability when it was released.  Today it is still more durable than most newer iPhones, besides maybe the iPhone XR, which means it can take the beating of the day to day, and can last you a long time – to help you get the most value out of your purchase. 

The iPhone 6 features ion-strengthened glass that is significantly harder to break than regular glass, and a solid aluminum case which gives you a lot of extra durability, especially around the edges of the glass..

7. More Color Options than the Newer iPhones

You get more color options than newer models. Newer models are not only slimming down the design of the phone but slimming down the number of colors and options available.

If you are someone who was a fan of the quintessential vibrant colors that iPhones once boasted, the iPhone 6 might be the perfect model for you. You can find it available in almost every color of the rainbow.

Pros & Cons of Buying an iPhone 6 in 2019 



Thin, aluminum case design that is durable Rounded edges do make it easier to drRMop
Rubber gasket for improved waterproofing No optical zoom on the camera
Ion-strengthened glass for stronger display Battery life less than newer models
Fast performance Limited storage, only 2
4k video support and excellent camera
Relatively inexpensive model

Overall, purchasing an iPhone 6 or 6S in 2019 is still a great investment. It boasts a high quality camera, solid memory capacity, quick processing, compatibility with the newest iOS updates, and still has some classic iPhone features like the home button and headphone jack. 

If you are someone who is looking to get a high quality used phone that still works well, and has many of the same features you love in a new phone, then the iPhone 6 is absolutely a good choice for you in 2019. 

Buying premium used will help you save hundreds of dollars while expanding your options in terms of the features you want, and the networks your phone can work on. 

#1 Best Deal on the iPhone 6

should i buy an iphone 6 in 2019 - best deal on used iphone 6

9.2 / 10

The iPhone 6 is the perfect phone for someone who needs a smartphone but wants to save a ton of money by buying used. It still has a great battery life, solid iOS support, a good camera, and decent memory to get you by. The processing speeds are good, as are the browsing speeds. This is one of the best iPhone deals on the market in 2019.

Best Deal on the iPhone 6S – 2019

should i buy an iphone 6s in 2019 - best deals on iphone 6s online

9.7 / 10

The iPhone 6S is the perfect phone for someone who wants a smartphone that has a large amount of memory and a great camera for photos and videos, but who still wants to save a ton of money on a used phone. For less than $150, it’s hard to find a better value for your dollar when it comes to buying premium used smartphones.

More iPhone 6 FAQs

Now let’s take a look at some of the other questions you might have before truly investing in the iPhone 6.

Can I update my iPhone 6s to iOS 12?

Yes, in fact, the updates for these models makes that transition for you if it hasn’t happened already. Apple has released a new version of the iOS 12 to update the performance of the iPhone 6 models, with extra security patches. 

Is Apple still supporting iPhone 6?

No. However, you can still download up to iOS 12 on the iPhone 6, which works just fine and is still supported by Apple. 

Is the iPhone 6S outdated?

It’s not necessarily outdated. In fact, it’s still supported by a great operating system, just not the newest version of it. It sill has quality features like camera, sound system, video, and more. 

Is the iPhone 6S discontinued?

Apple discontinued the production of the iPhone 6 in September of 2018, with the announcements of the iPhone X and XR.

Is iPhone 6 or 7 better?

This is really based on what you need. Comparatively they are very similar where it counts most such as durability, design, and Camera. The key differences relate to the home button and the  headphone jack that come with the iPhone 6 but no longer come with iPhone 7 or higher. So if that matters to you the iPhone 6 is better.

How much is an iPhone 6?

Prices based on the storage capacity you find. The 16 GB of storage can be found for $199 on average. But if you want to upgrade to a higher level of storage like 64GB it will cost you an average of $299. By comparison to the iPhone 6 Plus starts at around $299 416 GB of storage and goes up to $399 for 64GB of storage.

should i buy an iphone 6 - best deals on the iphone 6 and 6s online

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