When it comes to buying used phones, your number one priority is probably trust. You need a brand that understands you’re looking for a high quality used phone – that is guaranteed to be fully functional and is in great cosmetic condition.

On top of trust, you want options and convenience. All of these things are essential to getting the best experience – and the most value out of your used phone. 

At Glyde, we take quality, transparency, and trust very seriously because you deserve high-quality used phones you can depend on – at a great price.  

This is our quality guarantee.

Industry Leading Quality Standards for Used Phones 

Trust: Transparency, Great Customer Support & Guarantees

Trust is the #1 component to any relationship. As time goes on, you will resell and upgrade countless phones – the average American keeps their phone for 2-3 years. This means if you’re going to buy used and sell your old phone, you need to find a trustworthy platform that provides quality products, service, support, and experience that you can trust time and time again. Trust is our top priority at Glyde.

Value: Quality Used Phones at Discount Prices 

The whole point of buying a used phone is to get value. To get a dependable phone that you can rely on, but that is still affordable. You don’t always need the newest phone, or be held in a long-term service contract – you just need something you can use with the carrier of your choice. But, you also need affordable prices without compromising quality, selection, or convenience. Shop the top models, all for 15-80% less than buying new. 

Quality: 30+ Functional Tests & Comprehensive Cosmetic Inspection

You don’t want just any used phone. A lot of used phones are refurbished – or more specifically taken apart and put back together like Frankenstein. Our used phones are the cream of the crop, not broken phones that have been repaired by a random company. Only 1 out of 10 used phones have what it takes to pass our 30+ functional tests and comprehensive cosmetic inspection – earning our Premium Pre-Owned certification.

Options: Search by Carrier, Memory, Model, Color & More!  

You deserve the phone that you want, not just whatever is available. Buying used doesn’t mean that you should have to compromise the version of the phone you want, the storage options you prefer, camera features, memory, or even the color. When buying new, your options may be restricted because of the high costs, and the strict options a lot of retailers or manufacturer sites have at the time. But, buying Premium Pre-Owned allows you to maintain high quality while getting more options at lower prices. 

Convenience: Trade in Your Old Phone & Free Shipping 

Lastly, you need a place where you can buy and sell used phones easily. The two should go hand in hand, but they rarely do. A lot of phone retailers and online stores do not offer trade in value for old phones, and if they do, the value they offer just feels like an insult (on top of the high price for your new phone). At Glyde, we all you have to do is take a quick trade in quiz to help us calculate what your phone is worth – and we offer you fair market value for your old phone.

Having to deal with shipping costs during the process can be a hassle, and can eat into your value. That’s why we also offer free shipping on all trade-ins, and phone orders. 

How We Choose Phones with Your Needs in Mind 

Knowing all of this, we choose phones with your needs in mind, addressing each of these five things that most consumers look for. 

1. Widely Supported: Used Phones Need to Be Relevant 

We carry top of the line phones that are still widely supported. You need a phone that is supported by a multitude of carriers, networks, and of course receive software support from the manufacturers. On top of that, you need a phone that can easily switch carriers as your needs change. Phones sold on Glyde are all unlocked and most are compatible with all four major carriers.

2. Trusted Resellers: No Funny Business 

The truth of the matter is, some resellers are shady. You’ve heard some of the horror stories about the wrong phone being sent, them breaking after a few uses, or just downright not being supported anymore. Other companies are known for bait and switch tactics, or fine print policies that lead people to believe they are getting a product they are not. We take the middleman out of the equation to make your experience smoother, more convenient, and most importantly – trustworthy. 

3. Quality: The Best Condition Used Phones 

Another thing you need to be concerned with is the rampant amount of refurbished and poorly fixed used phones being passed off as premium used phones. There are too many cases where used phones have been tampered with by third parties, even by former users. It can be something as small as a broken screen, or as major as internal water damage. Either way, it’s not something you should have to worry about when buying a new phone. That’s why we vet out any performance issues inside and out – making sure you always get a quality used phone.  

Our Quality Standards: Why Only 1 out of 10 of Phones Are Good Enough for You

When we evaluate phones for resale, only about 1 in 10 meet our Premium Pre-Owned quality standards. But why?

It starts with our 30+ functional tests which weeds out the phones that have features that simply don’t work. Then we conduct a comprehensive cosmetic inspection measuring the size and depth of scratches and dings. This rigorous process isolates the absolute best phones, and only allows them to be passed on to you. 

By only presenting you with the best used phones, it alleviates so many of the problems that people have when buying from most online phone sellers. No more hoping your phone is in the condition it is said to be in, no more hoping your used phone makes it through the next year before you can justify upgrading. You should be able to have the same trust and dependability in a premium used phone as you can when purchasing a new one at the store. With Glyde, that’s what you get. 

Even More: How We Back Up Our Quality Promise to You

We are prepared to stand by our quality promises. So, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Premium Pre-Owned phone, send it back we’ll give you your money back or store credit, and pay for your shipping. We also offer a 60-day warranty for any manufacturer defects. 

We also offer TessaB Protect accidental damage plans, because used or not, you need to be able to count on your phone – and have a plan for unexpected drops and spills. Many resellers don’t offer this type of coverage for used phones and the ones that do offer outrageous prices that hardly make seeking coverage worth it. 

Lastly, to make things easier, you can even trade in your old phone on Glyde for store credit towards a new or Premium Pre-Owned phone. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your phone, and we will give you a fair market value based on its condition. Then, you can redeem this store credit and soon cash. 

How Can I Get Started Buying and Selling on Glyde? 

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