Phones aren’t cheap, and we live in a time where you really can’t get by without one. The need to upgrade tends to come quicker than we think, and when it does, it’s hard to get value out of your old phone.

How can something that cost you $700+ just a few years ago now be worth nearly nothing when it comes to trade-in time? 

The truth is, it’s not. If you keep your phone in good condition, it’s worth a lot more than you may think.

How Does Glyde Help Me Get the Most Money for My Used Phone? 

Often times, the things holding you back from getting a fair trade-in value for your old phone are:

  • Aggregate pricing 
  • Lack of internal and external quality checks 
  • Non-reputable resellers 

Glyde looks to eliminate all of these problems in order to provide you with a trustworthy, transparent, and value-driven experience that helps you not only get the best value for your used phone, but also helps you to find high-quality premium-used phones to upgrade to at discounted prices. 

Here’s a bit more about how Glyde helps you to get to get the most out of your old phone when it comes time for trade-in. 

1. Calculate Value Based on Your Phone’s Condition

Many used phones look the same when you’re holding them in your hand. Most resellers look for signs of external damage like cracks on the screen, scuff marks around the corners,  and then give you an estimate from there. 

But we know that the true condition of your phone is based on both internal and external factors. If you take exceptional care of your phone on the inside, but have a few small dings on the outside, you should be able to get more value than someone with a beautiful looking phone that barely functions. Likewise, the best phones should be worth more than the worst ones, not just a blanket price point across them all – which utterly neglects the quality of your phone, and doesn’t help you get the most money for it.

At Glyde, we take the value of your phone very seriously. In many ways, your phone isn’t like any other used phone – so why should its value be exactly the same? Our quick trade-in quiz helps you to calculate the value of your phone based on your exact make, model, carrier, and condition – to help you get the trade-in value you deserve.

2. Get Fair Market Value for Your Used Phone 

This process helps you to get the real market value of your phone – not just some estimate.

To give you an idea of just how much this helps people save when it comes time to buy a new phone, an iPhone 7 with a cracked screen is still worth $40, meanwhile, newer iPhones and Galaxy models that are in excellent condition can net you over $300 or more. 

3. Easy & Safe Trade-In Process 

Trading in your old phone for a new one has never been easier or more affordable. To get started, all you need to do is take a quick quiz to tell us more about your phone and get a free valuation. 

You can choose to redeem this value in cash, or in-store credit towards a premium pre-owned phone. From there, we will give you specific instructions on where to send your phone, how to get it ready for trade-in, and more. 

We handle all shipping costs when you trade-in your old phone, and will even send you your new phone with a 30-day window to send in your old one, so you don’t go a single minute without a way to stay in touch. 

4. Free Shipping, Order Tracking & Order Protection 

You deserve to know where your order is at all times, and when it will arrive. This is especially important when it comes to something as integral to your daily life as a cell phone. You can easily track your order on the Glyde website. On top of order tracking, you also get free shipping on your orders and your trade-ins.

Lastly, you need to make sure you’re investing in a phone that is high-quality and that fits you perfectly. So, you need a chance to test it out and get a feel for it. That’s why with each order you also get a 14-day money-back guarantee and a 2 month warranty. 

5. Cash or Credit Towards a Premium-Used Phone

When you are selling your old phone, you deserve options. Maybe you just want cash in hand, maybe you want to sell your old phone in order to help pay for your new one.

If you trade in your old phone with Glyde, you can choose cash or trade-in credit towards a premium pre-owned phone of your choice.

With this lucrative combo, not only are you saving up to 80% on a premium pre-owned phone, you are also able to get money from your old phone and use it towards your upgrade – the way phone trade-ins should be. 

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Why Choose Glyde? The Trade-In Revolution

New phones are quickly running out of features to add in order to justify their extremely high price points. Meanwhile, there are millions of high quality, premium used phones out there on secondary markets.

When it comes to trading in your phone, your main concern is getting the best value for it, and making sure that the company you are selling it to is secure and trustworthy. 

Glyde offers a quick, easy, trustworthy, and value-driven way to sell your old phone and upgrade to a new one. We focus on: 

  • Trust
  • Convenience
  • Value 
  • Flexibility 
  • Quality

You won’t be exposed to shady resellers, unfair deals, or any other disreputable business. You don’t have to worry about getting ripped off or not getting the fair value for your trade-in. 

These days, convenience is everything. You need a phone, and you need it now, not next week. You need options, and you need an easy process for trading in and getting your new phone. 

You also need value – not just a few bucks for your perfectly good old phone, but real dollars that you can easily use towards a new phone. You shouldn’t have to wait until you send your phone in either. 

You also need a flexible phone, one that can work on the carrier of your choice, that is unlocked and can easily be transferred as needed. 

At Glyde, our trade-in process is optimized to make your life easier, keep more cash in your pocket, and help you find the best used phone as an upgrade. 

How Does the Trade-In Process Work on Glyde? 3 Step Process 

The trade-in process is quite simple. All it takes is three steps and you are on your way to getting paid for your old phone. 

Step 1: Take the Simple Seven Question Quiz 

This simple quiz asks seven easy questions to help determine the value of your old phone. It takes 15 seconds to complete and helps you get one step closer to trading in your old phone for cash or redeemable store credit towards a premium used phone. 

Step 2: Redeem Your Credit for Your Old Phone

Based on your answers to the quiz, we give you a fair market value quote based on the condition of your phone, contingent upon our inspection just to make sure that everything you said is accurate. There might have been things that you just couldn’t answer but our inspection will help fill in any blanks. 

Step 3: Send in Your Old Phone 

Once you’ve calculated the value of your used phone, it’s time to send it into us so we can run some internal and external tests in order to confirm its value. Then, you can choose to receive that value in the form of cash or store credit.

Get Started Selling Your Old Phone on Glyde

Want a better way to trade-in your old phone? Want to get real value that you can use towards a new phone? Get started by taking our simple trade-in quiz to calculate how much your old phone is worth!

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