In 2018, a survey found that 42% of iPhone users planned to upgrade their phone in the coming year. An astonishing 51% of these users were waiting to upgrade to the new iPhone

This constant rotation of selling and upgrading creates an opportunity to save on premium used iPhones that are high-quality, from trusted resellers like Glyde. 

If you’re like most Apple users, chances are you’re looking for an upgrade from an older model. But, that doesn’t mean you need the newest model for $700+. Instead, buying used and selling your old phone can save you hundreds and let you choose from a great selection of like-new iPhones that are unlocked to work with any carrier

But what are some of the other advantages of buying used? 

Why Buy A Used Phone? 

Buying used allows you to really get the best value for your money. Glyde allows you to easily: 

1. Save $$$ On Your Upgrade 

Save up to 80% compared to buying new, but get the same quality! If you are low on cash or a bargain hunter, this is definitely the best way to save hundreds while still getting the features you need in your next upgrade. 

2. Get the Exact iPhone You Want  

When purchasing a new phone, you may not have as many options available to you as in the used market. Some models go out of production, while others are only available at certain stores, and even more are just never produced again. But, in the premium used market, you can easily find an iPhone with all the features you’re looking for. 

3. Choose Any Carrier – No Contracts 

Normally when purchasing a new phone you will need to select a carrier and sign up for a two year contract – which comes with its own list of headaches and problems. Unlocked used phones are able to be activated to work with any carrier, without the need for contracts. This makes it easy to switch between carriers as needed to get better service, or save a few dollars here and there. Having this option puts you in control of your service, instead of putting your service in charge of you. 

4. Get a 1 or 2-Year Protection Plan

With Glyde, you also get the option to purchase a 1 or 2-year used phone protection which covers accidental damage to your phone – and offers 100% protection with replacement. Phone protection for used phones is hard to find, but we’re so confident in the quality of our used phones that we are willing to protect yours at a price point appropriate for a used phone.

5. 1-Year Buyback Guarantee 

In order to upgrade to the newest phones faster, you have a guarantee of being able to sell your device back within one year of purchase – at a guaranteed price (as long as you meet quality standards). Just like selling used iPhones on Glyde, all you have to do at the end of the one year period is take a quick quiz to determine the value of your phone, receive your fair trade-in value, and then use it towards the upgrade of your choice. 

6. Find Trusted, High-Quality Used iPhones

The main downfall of purchasing a used phone is that unless you go through a reputable third party if something goes wrong, the seller will usually not give you your money back. 

By working with a trusted reseller, you can ensure that your phone has gone through over 30+ functional tests and a comprehensive cosmetic inspection. Additionally, you will have peace of mind with a 14-day money-back guarantee and a standard 2-month warranty. 

7. Get Paid for Your Old iPhone 

Buying used already helps you to save hundreds on your next upgrade, but the savings don’t have to stop there. Selling your used iPhone is a great way to tack on some extra credit towards your next phone, and can easily net hundreds for newer models in good condition. Even if you don’t plan on buying used, getting paid cash for an old phone that would collect dust in your dresser is a great option for those looking to save money on their next upgrade.

Deciding Which Used iPhone is Right for You

When looking for the best used iPhones, you should consider

  • Storage
  • Photo and video quality 
  • Size 
  • Color 
  • Network
  • Charging and battery life 
  • iOS and other features 

Overall, you want to make sure that even if you go with an older model, it’s up for the task of getting you the features you need to get the most out of it. 

You’ll want to make sure that when picking a used phone you take into account what you’re looking for when it comes to storage, compatibility, and charging. Some models like the iPhone XR are known for their powerful battery life and awesome color options. While other phones like the iPhone XS Max are known for their impressive durability, fast charging time, and impressive camera displays.

If you’re looking for something with a bit of everything, the iPhone 8 Plus may be best for you. It has all the features you need, with a slightly less modern design and slightly slower processor – for an extremely discounted price. 

No matter what you’re looking for, there are tons of options on the market. To learn more about some of the best used iPhones, check out these helpful resources: 

Pricing – How Much Do Used iPhones Cost? 

If you are looking to spend under $200, then you will need to go with an iPhone 7 or earlier.

If your budget is between $240-$340, then you are looking at either an iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus.

If you are interested in an iPhone X, XR or XS, you should have a budget in the range of $400-$500, but for the XS Max, you should plan to spend $550-$600. 

Keep in mind though that trading in your old phone can help reduce the price tag of your next used phone by putting money back in your pocket, or earning you store credit towards your next upgrade. Even used iPhone 8 models can still be worth over $100 in good condition. 

Features  – Which Model Has What You’re Looking For? 

If you want the best camera, the obvious choice is the iPhone XS and XS Max. If you’re willing to compromise slightly, the iPhone 7 & 8 Plus, as well as the iPhone X all have amazing cameras that are nearly as good as the dual-telephoto lens of the XS and XS Max. 

Although the display of the XS and XS Max are slightly better than that of the iPhone X, the difference is hardly noticeable. The screen is the exact same size, and the X utilizes an OLED screen. This makes the iPhone X a great choice if you are looking for a great display. 

One great feature of purchasing a used Apple phone is that all iPhones above the 6 update to the current iOS. If you are looking to have iOS 13, you should make sure that you are purchasing at least an iPhone 7 or newer, as these will be able to support all of the new features. 

If you work in the elements or are around water often, then you might see water-proofing as an important feature. Starting with the iPhone 7, water-resistance came into play. It was not until the iPhone XR/XS and XS Max that on top of a water-resistant rating, you also get impressive water-proof ratings as well.

Carrier – Very Important 

There are two types of carriers when it comes to smartphones: GSM and CDMA. These correlate with the four main carriers; Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T.

Whether you plan to use one of the four main carriers or another carrier of your choice – when purchasing a used iPhone you need to make sure that the phone correlates with your carrier of choice. 

Unlocked phones are a perfect solution to this problem. Most Glyde phones are both GSM and CDMA unlocked, so you never have to worry about finding one that fits your carrier. 

What’s the Difference Between Used and Refurbished?

Used phones are normally sold as-is, whereas refurbished are broken or damaged phones that have been repaired. Some refurbished phones have been restored to “like new” condition, while others have simply been tested and repaired. Learn more about the difference between refurbished and used phones here.

Why is it Better to Buy A Used iPhone Than New?

There are hundreds of cheap used iPhones for sale online that allow you to choose exactly what you’re looking for at extremely discounted prices. You can save up to 80% over buying new, and still get the same high-quality performance. 

Another great reason to buy used is that it helps to reduce our massive environmental footprint. Massive amounts of (CO2) and other greenhouse gases are emitted from the production, use, and recycling of iPhones. 

By purchasing a used phone, you will not only save money, but also help save the planet by reducing the resources needed to recycle or make a new device.

Can I Get a Used iPhone With a Warranty? 

Thanks to Glyde, it’s now possible to purchase a phone protection plan with your used iPhone. This new program is designed to change the way people view used phones and to provide the same protection you’d get on a new one. Here’s how it works: 

  • You purchase your used iPhone 
  • You get the option of 1 or 2 year protection 
  • If you break your phone within that period, we replace it 
  • No tampering, does not cover stolen or lost phones 

One of the biggest reasons people don’t go with used phones is due to lack of trust. But at Glyde, we are working hard to change that – giving used phone owners the same opportunity to protect their devices. With our used phone protection plans, there’s no reason to ever buy new again. Save money while getting the same quality and protection for your next upgrade. 

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The Best Place to Buy Used iPhones | 

Now that you understand the benefits of purchasing a used iPhone over a new one, what are you waiting for? Begin browsing through our premium used iPhones on Glyde, and save hundreds while finding the exact phone you’re looking for. 

With 30+ quality tests, money-back guarantees, phone protection plans, and protection plans available on all our phones, Glyde offers the safest way to purchase a quality used phone. 

Don’t overpay for a new iPhone when you can save up to 80% on older models that are compatible with any carrier. Get started shopping premium used iPhones today, and change the way you upgrade phones forever.

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