Purchasing the latest and greatest iPhone is always nice to have and show off, but it comes at a price. Used-premium iPhones have about the same amount of features, but will save you hundreds of dollars. 

If you are in the market for a new iPhone but don’t want to spend $1,000 on the newest model, a pre-owned iPhone may be perfect for you. This article will break down 7 of the best used iPhones available in 2020 and the key differences between each one. 

Top 7 Best Used iPhones 2020

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1. iPhone XS

Improved version of the X, with cutting edge technology.

With the super fast A12 Bionic chip and beautiful OLED display, there is no doubt that the iPhone XS is a great phone. 

Apple also claims the iPhone XS can be submerged no more than 2 meters (6 feet) of water for 30 minutes or less, so if you are someone who often gets pushed into pools, this is a lifesaver.

What started as an extremely expensive model, has reduced almost 50% on the secondary market allowing you to get prime technology for a great price.

Despite having a slightly better camera, water-resistance and screen, this phone is very similar to the iPhone X. If you are someone who wants the newest technology but do not want to purchase a brand new iPhone then this is the phone for you.

Release Date  September 2018
Color Options Black, Silver, and Gold 
Retail Price at Launch  $999 for 64GB of storage, $1,149 for 256GB and $1,349 for 512GB 
Current price at Glyde.com $484.99 for 64GB of storage and $514.99 for 256GB of Storage



Weighs only 177 grams Not a huge difference from the iPhone X
Built with a durable aluminum alloy and glass stronger than previous models Added storage options add a larger price to the already expensive model
Can deliver speeds of 1 gigabit per second
“Super Retina”  5.8-inch OLED screen

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2. iPhone XS Max

If you want the newest technology with a large screen and extra storage capacity 

Compared to previous “Plus” models, the iPhone XS Max boasts the largest screen yet. Although similar to the XS in terms of water-proofing and OLED, this phone is completely different due to its sheer size.

With faster wireless charging than ever before and a maximum storage capacity of 512GB, there is no other iPhone from 2018 and older than can compete with the XS Max.

The XS Max is for those who enjoy a big phone with a large screen. Include a fast processor and priced under $560, you will be getting top technology without the huge price tag. 

Release Date  September 2018 
Color Options Black, Silver, and Gold 
Retail Price at Launch  $1,099 for 64GB of storage, 256GB of storage available for $1,249 and 512GB of storage for $1,449
Current Price at Glyde.com $549.99 for 64GB and $597.99 for 256GB



Maximum storage capacity: 512GB, much larger than the XR Higher price tag than the XR, but with more added features
“Super Retina” 6.5-inch OLED screen
Faster wireless charging than iPhone X

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3. iPhone XR

Best choice for those who want a cheaper version of the XS

The iPhone XR is an example of paying a lot less and still getting great Apple quality. Despite lacking an OLED screen and dual camera, you will still enjoy watching your favorite Netflix show on a plane, or showing off your great quality photos to friends. 

With the super fast A12 Bionic processor, the XR outperforms many top Androids and due to its LCD screen, it has one of the longest battery lives of any iPhone. 

For the everyday user, what the iPhone XR is lacking is completely minimal and makes up for it in other areas. This is a great phone for anyone looking to upgrade from an older model, enjoys a bright colored phone or is simply looking for a bargain. 

Release Date  September 2018
Color Options  Red, blue, yellow, black, white, and coral 
Retail Price at Launch $749 for the 64GB model, $799 for 128GB and $899 with 256GB of storage
Current price at Glyde.com $419.99 for 64GB of storage



Long battery life No 2x optical zoom
Great price tag for updated hardware Slower than the X and XS
Very fast A12 Bionic processor
LCD screen instead of OLED screen on XS and XS Max
Delivers 4G speeds, around 100 megabits per second, much faster than the 8

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4. iPhone X

Still impressive and current

Despite the iPhone X being discontinued by Apple, it is so similar to the XS that you won’t even notice a difference, besides the price tag.

This iPhone is very quick with an A11 Bionic processor, wireless charging, Face ID, animoji and the same exact size screen as the iPhone XS. 

Recording video in 4K and watching it on your OLED screen is a treat, and battery life is better than any other iPhone that came before it. 

This is a perfect phone for anyone who wants all the same features of the iPhone XS and is willing to sacrifice a small amount of speed. 

Release Date November 2017 
Color Options Silver and space grey
Retail Price at Launch  $999 for the basic, 64GB storage model. For the larger 256GB model the cost was $1,149
Current Price at Glyde.com $409.99 for 64GB of storage



Highly improved battery life with up to 17 hours of screen time Highest price tag ever introduced on a new iPhone
Supports AI tech, introducing Animoji
5.8-inch OLED screen
First model with Face ID

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5. iPhone 8

Best simple phone with everything you need

The iPhone 8 is fast charge and wireless charging capable, runs easily on iOS 13 and has the same IP67 water-resistance rating as the iPhone X. 

For those who enjoy a compact phone, this 4.7 inch screen is a great option. This phone has an A11 Bionic chip, so although it is not the newest processor on the market, it is still very capable of handling all current apps on the market.

The iPhone 8 is slightly more simple than some of the newer released phones, but if you are not a tech-geek who needs the newest technology, and are looking for an iPhone under $260, it is quite a steal. 

Release Date  September 2017
Colors Available  Space grey, silver, gold, and red 
Retail Price at Launch  64GB version of the iPhone 8 started at $699, with the 256GB version at $849
Current Price at Glyde.com $239.99 for 64GB storage



A11 Bionic processor performs well Only one camera
Supports wireless charging Lower resolution display than 8 Plus
Small design for those who do not like a large design

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6. iPhone 8 Plus

Great for those who want a larger screen and two cameras

The iPhone 8 Plus is a classic iPhone, still containing a home button but also with the ability of wireless charging. Many users find it simpler to use the fingerprint sensor and find it easier to multitask as well. 

You will never sacrifice quality in the iPhone 8 Plus. It includes a dual telephoto lens that is comparable to the iPhone X as well as an amazing battery life upgrade from the iPhone 7.

If you care more about an easy user experience rather than huge edge-to-edge displays, the iPhone 8 Plus is a perfect option for you. Being under $350 and completely updatable to the new iOS13, when you are using this device you won’t even realize it’s a few years old. 

Release Date September 2017
Color Options  Space grey, silver, and gold 
Retail Price at Launch  64GB model launched at $799, and the 256GB option came in at $949
Current Price at Glyde.com 64GB model for $319.99



Large 5.5-inch LCD screen Slightly outdated design
Incredible battery life compared to iPhone 7
Portrait mode and dual rear camera system

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7. iPhone 7

Reliable and well built, a nice choice for kids or those on a budget

With an A10 fusion chip, the iPhone 7 is slightly dated, but still functional. Not only is it reliable, but it was the first iPhone to sport water-resistance.

The single camera boasts 12 megapixels and is 4K capable, which is similar to phones currently being released. 

Whether you are looking to buy a phone for less than the cost of your monthly Chipotle habit, or its time to get your teenager a smartphone, then the iPhone 7 is a perfect choice.

Release Date  September 2016 
Color Options  Rose gold, gold, silver, space grey, and black
Retail Price at Launch  32GB model released at $769 and the 128GB model at $869
Current Price at Glyde.com 32GB for $134.99 or 128GB for $164.99



4.7-inch LED screen Slower speeds than iPhone 8, with a slightly dated A10 fusion chip
12-megapixel camera
4K video capability

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Keeping up with technology is expensive. With so many people upgrading, and one billion new mobile devices manufactured each year, you have the opportunity to buy on the secondary market.

Finding these deals can be a challenge, and it does matter where you purchase your used iPhone. Make sure you only purchase from a reputable company that offers a money-back guarantee.

Confirm that the seller is legitimate and that your pre-owned iPhone is unlocked. If your phone is not unlocked, then it cannot be difficult or impossible to activate with your carrier. 

Quality control is of utmost importance and should never be sacrificed for a slightly cheaper price. Make sure to get your used iPhone from a reliable seller like that performs numerous functional tests and inspections on pre-owned phones

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