With the launch of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, there are more options from Apple than ever before. This is exciting, but it can also make choosing which used phone to purchase, more difficult.

Ranging from the newer iPhone XS Max to the iPhone 8 and even iPhone 6S, there are plenty of options to buy used, for a great price, but which is the best selling and why? Choosing a model is complicated, so do your due diligence and really decide what features you want, and what will work best for you. 

Used iPhone XR for Sale

1. Best Used iPhone – iPhone XR 

Best value in an iPhone with a long battery life. 

The iPhone XR was known as the iPhone for everyone, and it still is. Especially with the huge price cut seen after the launch of the iPhone 11, the iPhone XR is extremely affordable and has almost all the performance of the XS.

It uses the same Apple A12 Bionic processor as the XS and runs the same version of iOS 13. Despite not having a dual-lens camera, the XR does have a primary 12-megapixel OIS-backed camera and still works with portrait mode.

The main differences between the XR and higher-priced XS models are in the display. The XR sports a 6.1” Liquid Retina LCD rather than an HDR-capable OLED. One of the positive aspects of an LCD screen is that it has given the iPhone XR a battery life never seen before. 

The aluminium-framed and glass-backed design supports wireless charging, is IP67-certified dust and water-resistant and it comes in six exciting colors: black, white, blue, coral, yellow and Product:(RED).

The larger display has eliminated Touch ID, and Face ID works faster than ever before.  Also, prepare to enjoy your Animoji and the new Memoji features as well.

Price at release: From $749.00

Current price for used device: iPhone XR from $439.99

Pros & Cons 

+ Pros +

– Cons –

Great battery life LCD screen versus OLED in the XS/XS Max
All the features of the XS for a lower price Might be too large for some people
Capable camera No telephoto lens
Great performance with A12 chip Lower resolution screen
Lower price tag & bright colors Max 128GB storage

2. iPhone XS – Best Used iPhone for Camera & Durability

An improved version of the iPhone X. 

The XS is essentially the same as the iPhone X with a more powerful camera and processor. Sporting a sharp, colorful Dolby Vision-capable OLED Super Retina screen as well as an incredible camera, the iPhone XS is one of the best iPhones on the market. 

It has a 5.8” screen, which is more one-hand-friendly than the Max but is exactly the same in terms of screen and size as the iPhone X. Despite display size, it is completely the same as the XS Max, with an HDR-capable dual 12MP camera and enhanced TrueDepth front-facing camera. The TrueDepth sensor is for both fast Face ID unlocking and Animoji. 

Not only offering up to 512GB of storage but inside the A12 Bionic chip is extremely powerful. It also packs in 4GB of RAM for a faster iPhone than ever before. 

Price at release: From $999

Current price for used device: iPhone XS from $439.99

Pros & Cons 

+ Pros +

– Cons –

Fantastic screen Not a dramatic improvement from the X
Very strong performance Battery life is average and worse than XR
Amazing camera with smart HDR
Faster operation in one hand vs XS Max
Face ID is better than ever before

Best Used iPhone 2020

3. iPhone XS Max – Top Pick for Performance

Quick phone with a beautiful display, ideal for media and gaming.

The iPhone XS Max is one of the best iPhones that you can buy right now. With it’s 6.5” OLED screen and smart HDR (as with the XS), it is the perfect phone if you want a huge screen.

Exactly the same as with the XS, the iPhone XS Max has an improved dual-lens 12MP camera and increased the sensor size to capture larger pixels. The iPhone XS Max also has new depth-sensing capabilities for adjustable background blur. 

The iPhone XS Max is more expensive than the iPhone X and iPhone XS due to its sheer size. If you are someone who is upgrading (from any phone, but specifically a larger device such as an iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus), this is a great replacement. 

Price at release: From $1,099.00

Current price for used device: iPhone XS Max from $539.99

Pros & Cons 

+ Pros +

– Cons –

Great big screen for games and movies Price: most expensive iPhone ever besides the iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max
Camera is very strong for an iPhone Size can be too large for some people 
OLED is beautiful and smart HDR proves incredible photos iOS doesn’t make the most of the bigger display
Face ID is very quick
Great upgrade option from a 7 Plus or 8 Plus

4. iPhone X – Best Used iPhone for Value 

The phone that changed it all, and still a powerful performer.

The iPhone X is still impressive, although being discontinued by Apple. This is a truly modern device without the high price tag and is very comparable to the newer XS.

It has a dual telephoto lens similar to the iPhone XS and 8 Plus, as well as a true depth camera in which you can utilize Animoji, Face ID and Memoji.

With a quick A11 Bionic chip and a large 5.8” OLED display, the phone is not only fast, but pictures and video look much better than past models. 

Since the release of the very similar XS, prices for the iPhone X on the used market have gone dramatically down, and this piece of technology is available at an incredible price.

Price at launch: From $999.00

Current price for used device: iPhone X from $419.99

Pros & Cons 

+ Pros +

– Cons –

Amazing screen that is comparable to the new XS Smart true depth camera
Very powerful inside processors Good battery compared to older models, but not as powerful as newer phones
Huge upgrade from any earlier models
Amazing price
Face ID

Best Cheap Used iPhone

5. iPhone 8 Plus – Best Cheap Used iPhone 

Very affordable with a large screen and impressive camera. 

Although the iPhone 8 Plus is nothing new compared to the iPhone XS or XR, it is still a great quality phone with upgrades compared to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7.

The A11 Bionic chip processor makes this a very fast phone. Not only is it fast but it also contains a 12-megapixel camera with a dual telephoto lens as compared to the single lens on the iPhone 8. This camera takes better and colorful shots than the previous 7 Plus.

The first to allow for Qi wireless charging along with the iPhone X, and added display benefits from Apple’s TrueTone. This adjusts the color temperature depending on the surrounding lighting and is a great added feature to make this phone feel relevant. 

Price at release: From $799

Current price for used device: iPhone 8 Plus from $319.00

Pros & Cons 

+ Pros +

– Cons –

Nice speakers Too big for some users
Large screen Slightly boring and dated design
Dual-camera upgrade compared to the iPhone 8 Still contains the home button so no Face ID
Strong battery life

6. iPhone 8 – Everything You Need 

Strong performance, great camera, very fast, and compatible iOS 13. 

To this day the iPhone 8 is the best-selling iPhone for many reasons. Many people love the size of the device at 4.7”, and the price is very reasonable as compared to the X or 8 Plus. 

With not only wireless charging but an A11 bionic chip, you have the same processor and features as the 8 Plus and iPhone X. The main difference lies in its screen size and camera. Despite no dual-lens, the camera still functions well and produces great quality photos. 

Price at release: From $699

Current price for used device: iPhone 8 from $279.99

Pros & Cons 

+ Pros +

– Cons –

Wireless charging capable Hardly any changes from iPhone 7
A11 Bionic chip is the same as in the iPhone X Single-lens camera as compared to the dual-lens camera on the 8 Plus and iPhone X
Great value Large bezels make it look dated
Camera is good enough 

7. iPhone 7 Plus – Big Screen, Small Price  

Most features of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Although the iPhone 7 Plus is a few years old, it is a decent phone with upgrades from the 7, at a wonderful price.

This was the first iPhone to have a dual camera on the back including a telephoto lens. The main 12-megapixel sensor takes great shots with a wide f/1.7 aperture and optical image stabilization, while the secondary sensor works with the phone’s Portrait Mode seen in newer phones. 

The iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5”, 1080p display which is a huge improvement over the 6 Plus. Even though the rest of its specs are similar to the iPhone 7, it is definitely a huge upgrade over any previous model and the iPhone 7 as well.

Price at release: From $649

Current price for used device: iPhone 7 Plus from $239.99

Pros vs. Cons 

+ Pros +

– Cons –

Ability to upgrade to iOS13 Larger phone, but smaller screen than XR, XS and X
More affordable version of the iPhone 8 Plus Slightly dated design
Huge improvement to iPhone 7 and older models

Best Cheap Used iPhone 2020

8. iPhone 7 –  Most Durable Cheap iPhone 

The first water-resistant iPhone

If you aren’t interested in a larger phone such as the 7 Plus, the iPhone 7 might be a good option considering it is smaller, and cheaper as well.

With a 4.7” screen, jack and single camera, the iPhone 7 is lacking some features of the newer iPhone models, but it is still a good phone. This was the first iPhone to be water-resistant as well as to remove the headphone jack. This makes it more durable than some of the other older iPhones.

Despite lacking the dual-lens camera of the 7 Plus, the 12MP sensor is still great and will prove very different when comparing to the iPhone 6 or 6S.

The A10 Bionic chip is not as fast as newer models, but will still get the job done quickly. If that doesn’t sell you, when compared to the X, 8 or XR, the extremely low price will.

Price at release: From $769

Current price for used device: iPhone 7 from $159.99

Pros vs. Cons 

+ Pros +

– Cons –

Good low light camera Obviously lacking upgrades
Water-resistant Same dated design
Very good price Single-lens camera

9. iPhone 6S – Low Cost iPhone 

Can’t compete with newer models, but still functions

Unless you are really trying to save money then there aren’t too many reasons to buy an iPhone 6S. If you can pay a little more, an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus gives you a much faster processor, better screen, longer battery life, and superior camera.

There is one reason that some people love the iPhone 6S and that is that it is the last iPhone with a headphone jack.

Basically, this phone is still functional if you are looking for an extremely low price tag, but it is definitely outdated technology. When purchasing used you can get an iPhone 7 for less than $40 more, which would be a big upgrade and better use of your money. 

Price at release: From $649

Current price for used device: iPhone 6S from $124.99

Pros vs. Cons 

+ Pros +

– Cons –

Faster than earlier models Not water-resistant
3D touch Poor battery life and camera
Last iPhone with headphone jack  Slow compared to newer phones
Still functions as a smartphone Outdated design, small screen

Find Which iPhone is Best for You

With all of the iPhone models available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is the best option for you at the best price. 

For the tech-savvy individual who is looking for a low budget option under $450, the XS, XR or X are your best bets with a low price tag and all of the best features. Willing to go a bit closer to $500 and you can snag an XS Max which will feel like a new phone. 

If you are looking for the best phone with a larger display at the lowest price, then the iPhone 8 Plus is a great value with an incredible camera especially since it comes in under $350. 

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus work for those who are not concerned with the latest tech, but want a good phone that has most of the newer features without the most modern look. 

Lucky for you, all of these phones work well even if they are slightly different when compared. Whether you want a dual camera, the fastest speed, or simply a phone to check social media, there is a used iPhone for you. 

Glyde.com offers a variety used iPhones that go through vigorous testing to ensure customer’s receive highest  quality of products.


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