To anyone and everyone reading,

Over the past year, the team at Glyde has been working hard on something we’re excited to share with you today: We’re re-launching as a peer-to-peer marketplace.

We believe the new Glyde is the future of buying and selling used phones, and it’s because we’ve created a new experience that’s built for you, so you can cut out middlemen with transparency and security. Here’s why we did it:

Today, buying and selling used phones and devices on peer-to-peer platforms is messy. Sure you can cut out middlemen, but it’s the wild, wild, west out there–and as much as we love to play bright-eyed gunslingers, you shouldn’t have to shake down everyone at the saloon for a fair price on the used phone you want to buy or sell.

We really don’t need to tell you that twice. Take a look around online and you’ll see peer-to-peer marketplaces filled with nonexistent customer service, unscrupulous buyers, and sellers who don’t provide enough details, misrepresent condition, or worse are looking to simply rip people off!

Other marketplaces are more trustworthy, but are filled with middlemen, who need to markup the price of phones which can cost buyers hundreds of dollars on a premium model. Just look at trade-in values vs retail prices – you can clearly see price spreads of over 100%. It’s not fair for the buyers or sellers. It’s a problem, and we’re fixing it.

We’re fixing it with smart contracts, the digital handshake of the future that provides security so buyers and sellers know transactions will go smoothly.

We’re fixing it by giving sellers freedom to list their phones when they want, how they want.

We’re fixing it by implementing comprehensive mobile diagnostics tests that gives buyers and sellers transparency that the phone is fully functional.

Here’s how the new Glyde works: 

If you’re a buyer, you’ll finally get a worry-free experience where you pay fair prices for used phones. No more middlemen markups or peer-to-peer scams. Take a look at our Glyde recommended prices to know what you should really be paying–not what the middlemen marketplaces are charging.

As a buyer, not only will you be able to see real pictures of the actual phone you’re getting, you get verified diagnostics that’ll tell you how that phone works. And thanks to the diagnostics, we’re the only peer-to-peer platform that offers a 3 month warranty. The seller won’t get your money until you run the same diagnostics check after receiving the phone; it’s a smart contract that makes sure both sides walk away happy.

If you’re a seller, The Glyde Marketplace offers you the security of knowing you’re not going to be trapped by unscrupulous buyers who can’t claim things don’t work, when they do. We take care of shipping costs, and we’re the only peer-to-peer marketplace to offer a standard 3-month warranty to the buyer of your phone.

If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it was (until today).

The new Glyde is a peer-to-peer marketplace built on trust, not middlemen. We’re excited for you to join us on our mission to get used phones to people, for fair prices.

Let’s Glyde into the future,

Everyone at the Glyde team.

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