Looking to buy a new Galaxy phone but don’t know which one? Don’t want to spend almost $1,000 on the Galaxy S20? 

Maybe you need something cheaper, but you still want an awesome Galaxy phone. Here we have a comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S8, which are older models, but not by much, and are much cheaper than the newest models. We will go through these specifications of each so that you have the best understanding of what you’re purchasing.

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. S8 – Features Breakdown

samsung galaxy s9 vs s8 - complete review

Samsung Galaxy s9

  • AT&T and T-Mobile
  • GSM Unlocked
  • Midnight Black, Lilac Purple, Titanium Grey
samsung galaxy s9 vs samsung galaxy s8 - which one is best

Samsung Galaxy s8

  • AT&T and T-Mobile
  • GSM Unlocked
  • Midnight Black, Lilac Purple, Titanium Grey


Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S8

Colors Lilac Purple, Midnight Black, Titanium Gray, Coral Blue, Sunrise Gold, Burgundy Red, Cosmic Blue Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Coral Blue, Arctic Silver, Maple Gold, Rose Pink
Display 2960×1440 pixels 2960×1440 pixels
OS Android 8.0 (Oreo) Android 7.0 (Nougat)
Carriers ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, U.S. Cellular ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, U.S. Cellular
Front Camera 8-megapixel (f/1.7) 8-megapixel (f/1.7)
Rear Camera 12-megapixel (f/1.5 and f/2.5, 1.4µm) 12-megapixel (f/1.7, 1.4µm)
Video Camera 4K at 30/60fps, super slow-mo video 720p at 960 fps 4K at 30fps, slow motion video 720p at 240 fps
Wireless Charging Yes Yes
Dimensions 147.7 x 68.7 x 8.5 mm  148.9 x 68.1 x 8.0 mm 
Screen Size 5.8 in 5.8 in
Battery Capacity 3000mAh 3000mAh
Weight  163 g 155 g
Charging Port  USB Type-C USB Type-C
Processor  64-bit Octa-Core Processor (2.8GHz +1.7GHz) 64 bit Octa-core (2.3GHz + 1.7GHz)

The Samsung Galaxy S9, as we see here, is not much of an upgrade compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8, but there are a few key differences which we will give more details later. The major differences worth noting are the operating system, and the camera – both of which are better in the s9, but still reasonably good in the s8. 

galaxy s9 vs galaxy s8 complete review

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. S8 – Complete Review

So what do these phones bring to the table? How do they compare to one another? Which one is better?

In this section, we review everything you need to know about: 

  • Features
  • Camera
  • Size
  • Battery
  • Display
  • Price
  • Differences Between the s9+ and s8+

1. Software and Hardware: Let’s Take a Look Under the Hood

One of the major differences is the software the devices come with. The Samsung s9 is shipped with Android 8 otherwise known as Android Oreo. This is the newest major update for Android. The s8 does not ship with Oreo and comes with Nougat instead, which is Android 7. 

However, this really isn’t something to worry about, seeing as there are not a ton of major differences between the two systems that could hinder the use of your phone. You also have the option to upgrade to Oreo from Nougat on your Samsung s8 as soon as you set up your phone.

The processor on the Samsung s9 is also just marginally better than that of the s8. Both of Octa-core processors and have mostly the same performance. The s9 is slightly better with a processing speed of 2.8 GHz while the S8 has 2.3 GHz.

If you purchase from Glyde, both phones also come unlocked, meaning you can use them on any of the major US carriers. This is great if you have multiple SIM cards or you have not chosen a plan but you know you want the phone.

2. Pictures and Video: Picture the Difference

The Galaxy S9 does have the edge on camera quality. First off, the Samsung S8 does not have the super slo-mo feature that the S9 has as well as lower frame rates compared to that of the S9 for HD video. There is more of a trade-off with the S8 since the higher the frames of the video, the lower the quality will be. This is not as much of a problem with the Samsung S9 since the camera is better.

The front-facing camera of both phones is exactly the same. There are no quality differences between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The rear camera of the S9 is better than that of the S8. The biggest difference between the two is that the aperture on the S9 has a 1.5 and 2.5 mode while the S8 only has the 1.5. Otherwise, the cameras are relatively the same aside from a few performance tweaks.

3. Size: Does it Matter?

The answer is a little complicated. The Samsung S9 is wider and thicker than the Samsung S8, but only marginally. The S8 is a little longer than the S9 but it also is not by much. The screen size is still the exact same between the two. The difference is so marginal that you probably would not be able to tell the difference just by looking at the two phones side by side.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 weighs a bit more than the S8 but only by about 12 grams, hardly noticeable unless you were to put them on a scale.  

The two phones, without a case, are extremely light, and you will barely be able to feel it in your pocket. With a thickness of fewer than 9 millimeters, the phones are also super thin. This is great if you are constantly trying to squeeze your phone into your pocket.

4. Battery: Hypnotizing Power

Actually, both phones have about the same amount of battery life. Both come in at 3000 mAh. How long the phone lasts on one full charge depends on how you’re using it though.

Both phones have 20 hours of talk time meaning you could be on a call for 20 continuous hours with no other applications running before the phone would die. Both also have 12 hours of battery life while using 4G data. This is pretty nice since you can go about a full day out and not have to charge throughout.

Samsung also packages its Fast Charge phone chargers with all of their phones. This really shortens your charge time. Throughout your day you can charge for a few minutes while not on your phone and have plenty of battery for the rest of the day. 

5. Display: Dazzle Your Eyes

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S8 both have 5.8 in screens which take up the majority of the front of the phone.

Both displays are equipped with Super AMOLED which means that they both have fantastic resolutions and display beautiful colors.

They are each 570 ppi (pixels per inch) which means clearer images and you will never notice a single pixel. The color contrast on these phones is fantastic and especially good for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.

6.Prices: Which One’s Cheaper? 

A used Samsung Galaxy s9 is $589.99, while a used Samsung Galaxy s8 is only $489.99. The extra hundred dollars really depends on the type of camera you want. The s8 is great, but there is a noticeable difference in the rear camera in the s9 that makes it much better for photos and videos. 

7. Difference Between Regular & Plus: One Size Does Not Fit All

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ does have a few key differences such as a larger display and larger storage capacity. Those are really the only major differences between the two though. The plus is much better for people who have trouble reading the small text since the screen size is 6.2” for both the S9+ and the S8+.

samsung galaxy s8 vs s9 - is the s9 better than the s8

Samsung S8 vs. Samsung S9 – Which One is Best for Me?

But the real reason you are here is to find out the answer to the question, “is the Galaxy s9 or s8 better for me?” 

The answer really depends on what you are looking for in a phone, both phones have their pros and cons, which make them better for some people.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Better front and rear camera More expensive
Larger display
Larger storage capacity

Samsung Galaxy S8 Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Less expensive No slo-mo video capture
Still has a great camera
Good battery life

Overall Review: Finding the Right Samsung Galaxy for You

If you are looking for a phone with a superior camera, and a larger display, with faster speeds, and are willing to pay up for these features, the Galaxy s9 is definitely the best option for you. It comes with Android 8.0 (Oreo), and has a large memory for storing all the high-quality photos and videos you can take with the amazing HD cameras.

However, if you can make due with a decent camera minus the slo-mo features, with a bit smaller memory capacity – but one that is still reasonable, the Galaxy s8 is a perfectly good option as well. It still has a very reliable battery life, comes with Android 7.0 (Nougat), and also features a nice camera that still takes high-resolution photos.

Both phones have 4G capabilities and share a lot of the same features such as battery life, Bluetooth, wireless charging, and processors. The dimensions are slightly different between the two phones, but the size difference is hardly noticeable with the naked eye.

The s9 is a bit more expensive, but ultimately you are paying up for the camera. Just about every other feature besides the operating system is the same between the Galaxy s9 vs. s8. Both phones have a wide variety of colors, and are very affordable if you purchase premium used.

What About the Galaxy s9+ vs. s8+?   

Both phones are larger than their standard counterparts. The 9+ is slightly larger than the 8+ primarily in weight. It’s approximately 10 grams heavier. The batteries size and capacity is the same.

The real difference is speed and the camera. The 9+ has a faster processor as well as more internal RAM. It comes in at 6GB of RAM and the 8+ only 4. As apps become more sophisticated and video quality continues to pull more power from a phone the extra RAM does make a difference.

The 9+ also has dual cameras creating much better photography options. The video quality is significantly better because of both the camera and the processing power of the phone.

The differences in the two are small with the 8+ at a more attractive price point. If you want speed and video and photo improvements, the price point on the 9 is perfect.

samsun s9 vs s8- complete review

What About the Galaxy S10: Is it Worth It?  

The S10 is a lot more of a significant upgrade from the S9 than the S9 from the S8.

First off, the screen size is a lot bigger. The Samsung Galaxy S10 boasts a 6.7” screen compared to the 5.8” screen of the S9 and S8.

The battery life is also a little longer than the 3000 mAh of the S9 and S8. The S10 has 3400 mAh which means a little more battery life than the other two predecessors. 

The Android OS is also newer with Android 9 (Pie), but both the Samsung S9 and S8 can update to Android Pie after the phone is set up. 

The catch with all of these upgrades is that the S10 is $400-$450. This is more expensive than the other phones listed and you should only consider this if the upgrades are worth that much to you. 

Newer model phones are always more expensive than their predecessors. The technology is not significantly better, but newer technology is still more expensive than old technology. Buying older phones is a lot more cost-effective especially since you are not losing any value with the phone. The S10 is marginally faster than the S9 or S8, but the parts are newer.

Which is Better, the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8 plus?

The difference between the s8 and the s8+ is truly the size of the phone. If you love a larger screen and don’t mind a slightly bulkier phone then you will be happy choosing the 8+. The amount of pixels are the same even though the screen size of the 8+ is larger. Because of this you do have fewer pixels per square inch, but most people won’t notice the difference in crispness the small screen provides.

Which is Better, the Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy S9 plus?

The Samsung S9+ is better in a few key ways than the Samsung S9. It is larger than you would expect. Because the 9 is smaller, it does come with more pixels per space which creates sharper more lifelike images. The camera is where the Plus shines. There are two cameras on the back of the s9+. The second camera has a 2x telephoto lens. Because the phone is bigger, the battery is as well and even with a bigger screen, you get 2 hours more life out of the phone. The s9+ has 6GB of RAM compared with 4GB in the s9. The price is about $100 more expensive than the s9 as well.  

Is the Galaxy S10 Better than the Galaxy S8?

These phones are very similar but there are significant differences that could prompt you to upgrade if you are an s8 user. The s10 is bigger than the s8 both by height and width. It almost feels like a two-handed device and similar to the iPhone XR. 

Not only is the phone bigger, but the display extends deeper into the edge of the phone. In order to get the display right to the edge, Samsung included the front camera right at the top of the display. There is no separate fingerprint sensor. It is also built into the display. The display is crisper and uses newer OLED technology to present dazzling images and videos. 

Like any new device, the processor is faster. Samsung added a vapor cooling system to keep the device running at top speed without overheating. Both phones support wireless charging, but the s10 has the ability to charge other devices as well. 

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Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2021

galaxy s9 vs galaxy s8 - what's the difference

9.6 / 10

The Galaxy s9 is perfect for you if you’re looking for an affordable premium used Galaxy phone that has a high definition camera for photos and videos, a beautiful display, and wireless charging capabilities.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2021

samsung galaxy s9 vs samsung galaxy s8 - best deal on the samsung s8

9.4 / 10

The Galaxy s8 is perfect if you are looking for the best value for your dollar when buying premium used. It may not have as good a camera as the s9, but otherwise, it is nearly identical. It has great battery life, storage capacity, and an operating system that is fast and reliable.

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samsung galaxy s8 vs samsung s9

More FAQ About the Galaxy S8 vs. S9

How much RAM is in the Samsung Galaxy S9?

4 GB. The s9+ comes with 6GB of Ram.

Can you connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time as the Galaxy S8?

Yes, you can connect up to two devices at the same time.

Do Samsung Galaxies come with SD cards?

No, all SD cards are sold separately.

Can you connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time with the Galaxy S9?

Yes, you can connect up to two devices at the same time.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 waterproof?

Yes, the Galaxy S8 and S9 is waterproof in up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 have wireless charging?

Yes, both phones have wireless charging capabilities.

Do either the Galaxy S9 or S8 have fingerprint sensors?

Yes, both phones have fingerprint sensors.

Do both phones support Bixby?

Yes, both have Bixby support.

How old is the Samsung Galaxy S8?

The s8 was released in 2017.

Does the Galaxy 8 feature a headphone jack?

Yes. Samsung bucked the iPhone trend of not including a headphone jack. Both the 8 and 9 models contain a jack. Samsung doesn’t convert to the no-jack Bluetooth option until the 10 models.

Are there any problems with the Galaxy S9?

Yes, but they can be fixed by adjusting the settings. Some apps won’t automatically run full screen. This is an easy fix and can be changed in settings. Some users have complained about slow device charging, especially since Samsung has advertised faster times. The solution is to turn on fast charging in settings. This isn’t automatic. Wifi issues are common complaints, but this tends to be spotty and not frequent. 

Does Samsung Galaxy S9 explode?

This has been a concern for many devices with lithium batteries. They tend to overheat and at rare times explode. But is this an issue for the s9?  In2016, a rash of exploding phones entered the news media. Many of these have been proven hoaxes. To counteract future issues and claims, Samsung has added many features to protect the phone batteries along with cooler features.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ feature a headphone jack and expandable memory?

Yes, there is a headphone jack. It is not until the 10 that the jack disappears. All Samsung products have the ability to add SD cards to expand memory.

Which Android version does the S9 feature?

The s9 and s9+ ship with the Android 8.0 “Oreo”. However, they have upgraded operating systems since and you are able to download and install the update once your phone arrives.

What is the dual/mechanical aperture feature in the Galaxy S9 and S9+?

The dual aperture is a rear camera feature of the s9 models. The feature adjusts to ambient light similar to the human eye. The design allows for photos to be taken in multiple types of light. 

How different is the portrait mode of the Galaxy S9 from the Galaxy 8?

Samsung labels their version of portrait mode as Live Focus. Like other phones with the feature, portrait mode focuses on the subject while slightly creating an out of focus background. The feature allows for more stunning professional-looking portraits. The upgraded version of Live Focus in the s9 comes in much sharper than the 8. Side by side comparisons shows a distinct upgrade in quality.

Where is the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S9?

The fingerprint reader on the S9 has been given an update. Unlike the S8, the fingerprint reader is in a vertical setup.

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