When Apple released its iPhone 12 lineup in late 2020, the new drop made headlines for being the tech brand’s first line of 5G smartphones packed with its fastest hardware and latest features.

But the tech-forward benefits of 5G also came with a price jump. The iPhone 12 was more expensive than its predecessor, the iPhone 11 released back in 2019. The higher price point had many people opting to wait until the iPhone 12’s price dropped.

While Apple is notorious for rarely doing flash sales or deals, the company does have a predictable timeline for dropping the prices of its products. And when those prices drop you can expect an even better deal for your iPhone 12 on premium used phone markets like Glyde, where prices are fairly dependent on supply and demand. Keep reading to find out when the iPhone 12 price will drop and how much we expect the iPhone 12 to cost!

When will the iPhone 12 price drop?

Like with most products, the iPhone 12 will likely see a price drop once its successor is released. The release date for Apple’s iPhone 13 (or whatever the tech giant decides to name its next flagship) is currently still unknown, but current rumors expect it to be around mid-September. 

Apple has been unveiling its new iPhones at its September events for years, with 2020 being an exception because of pandemic delays. This year, though, it’s likely that timelines are back to normal, with the iPhone announcement happening in early September and the actual release happening soon after around mid-September 2021.

Once the newest iPhone is dropped, older models typically see a price cut on a sliding scale, with newer phones seeing a greater discount than older ones. This is good news for iPhone 12 buyers. As the latest iPhone model, it will likely see the biggest price drop once the “iPhone 13” is released. 

How much does the iPhone 12 cost?

And how much will the iPhone 12 price drop?

When the iPhone 12 was first released in late 2020, it retailed for $799 for the lowest storage configuration. Most other models in the 12 lineup sold for more, including the iPhone 12 Pro for $999 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max for $1099. In contrast, the iPhone 12 mini retailed for $699.

We can expect the current pricing to drop once the next iPhone is released. How much the discount will be is unknown for now. Based on previous years, though, a $100 discount by Apple can be predicted, with a similar price cut expected across secondary marketplaces like Glyde, as well.

Is the iPhone 12 still worth it?

Being their latest release, the iPhone 12 has all the latest features that Apple has to offer. Most significantly, it’s the first iPhone to offer 5G connectivity, which allows for rapid downloads and streaming that’s anywhere from 10 to 100 times faster than 4G.

While 5G networks aren’t quite available everywhere yet, that technology is expected to dominated soon, so getting the iPhone 12 also future-proofs your purchase. Other benefits include it having the fastest smartphone chip today and MagSafe compatibility!

If the iPhone 12’s premium price point has you on the fence still, consider waiting until late September when the price is expected to drop. Or check out slightly older models that still have most of the 12’s best features but at a much more affordable cost.

Phones like the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone X have comparable performance and can be found for hundreds of dollars less than the iPhone 12 on Glyde, a used phone marketplace trusted and loved by buyers because of the diagnostic-tested devices, 3-month warranty, and free ground shipping. 

Sell your old phone and spend the cash on your new iPhone 12

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