With so many flagship phones being priced at over $1,000 when released, you may be wondering if it is really possible to find a quality phone at a tenth of that price. After all, sometimes you don’t need all the fancy features or most up-to-date tech. Sometimes, you just need a quality phone that can perform the basic functions, such as making phone calls, sending messages, running apps, and taking decent photos.

For those who are concerned about your smartphone budget, know that it is 100% possible to snag a quality device for less than $100, especially if you open yourself up to buying premium pre-owned devices on secure marketplaces like Glyde. Buying used not only helps you save money but can often keep you from spending money on a new device you know little about.

To help you out on your search for a budget-friendly smartphone, here are our top five picks of the best used phones under $100, detailing each device’s pros and cons!

Apple iPhone 7 (2016)

If you’re hoping to get your hands on an iPhone for less than $100, your best choice will be the iPhone 7. The phone is fairly dated compared to Apple’s most recent releases, but that doesn’t mean it’s unusable by any means. Its home button & fingerprint sensor is still a fan-favorite and can be quite an attractive point for those who aren’t too keen on Face ID. 

Overall, the iPhone 7 is the one to go for if you’re wanting to buy an iPhone that still holds up today for the least amount of money.  


  • Fingerprint sensor 
  • Small size is nice for one-handed use
  • Processing performance is comparable to newer chips


  • Subpar battery life
  • Smaller screen

Buy a Used iPhone 7 on Glyde for as low as $99.99, as of this writing.

Samsung Galaxy A10 (2019)

Despite the low price point, the Samsung Galaxy A10 is actually a relatively new phone, released just in 2019. Being quite new, you can enjoy the fact that it runs a recent version of Android and has incorporated the latest tech where it can. 

Launched as part of Samsung’s budget-friendly line of Galaxy devices, the Galaxy A10 is a good-looking phone with modest features—perfect for those just needing a working phone at an affordable price. 


  • Impressive design for its price
  • Solid display
  • Great battery life


  • Only single cameras on the front & rear
  • Can be slow at times

Google Pixel 2 (2017)

Google Pixels are known for being a no-nonsense smartphone that boasts a top-tier camera and the Pixel 2 is no exception. Released in 2017, the device is certainly outdated in its looks, but the Pixel 2 still has one of the best cameras in a smartphone, thanks to Google’s software. It also is packed with helpful Google apps and features. Being less than $100 and having an excellent camera, it’s one of the most affordable smartphone options out there.


  • Camera quality is still excellent by today’s standards
  • Water-resistant


  • Outdated design, esp with bezels

You can browse Google Pixel 2s on the Glyde site. As of this writing, they’re going for about $75.

LG Stylo 4 (2018)

The LG Stylo 4 is a great pick for those who love the feel and usefulness of having a built-in stylus but don’t want to fork out hundreds for expensive devices like Samsung’s Note series. 

Released in 2018, it’s only a few years old and has comparable features to more recent releases. Considering it can be purchased for less than $100—particularly when you buy used—the Stylo 4 has a can’t-beat price while delivering a respectable experience. 


  • An affordable stylus that works well for note-taking and navigation 
  • Plastic, but durable design
  • 3,000mAh battery that can last most users throughout the day


  • Slower processing speed compared to higher-end phones
  • Unimpressive camera

You can see the selection of LG phones on Glyde here.

Motorola G7 (2019)

Being only a few years old, the Motorola G7 is a great-looking and high-performing smartphone that’s quite up-to-date. With a nice and big display, as well as sleek design, it certainly gives off a higher-end vibe at odds with its ultra-affordable price. 

Ultimately, the Motorola G7 is a master budget phone that is perfect for those who simply want a good quality phone at an affordable price and is satisfied without any extra bells and whistles.


  • Huge Full HD+ resolution display
  • Great design, with a glass front & back
  • Fast-charging
  • Strong performance


  • Unexciting camera
  • Decent battery life

Check out Motorola phones on Glyde here.

The Bottom Line

Our favorite used phones currently under $100 are:

  • Apple iPhone 7
  • Samsung Galaxy A10
  • Google Pixel 2
  • LG Stylo 4
  • Motorola G7

But there are plenty of others on the market that go for affordable prices. If you want to browse the full selection on Glyde, head here to shop used phones.

Happy hunting!

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