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iPhone 8 clearance event! Get $20 off with code 20OFF8

The marketplace of tomorrow has a bodyguard!

The marketplace of tomorrow has a bodyguard!

Glyde Connect’s mobile diagnostic tests protect you from getting stuck with a broken phone. Buyers validate phones are fully functional on app before seller is paid.

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Better Prices

With no middlemen, buyers pay less, and sellers get more

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Advanced diagnostics tools give buyers confidence in the condition of seller's phones

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Smart contracts hold buyers and sellers accountable, keeping unscrupulous players away

FAQs about buying used phones on Glyde

Do phones purchased on Glyde come with a warranty?
Yes. All fully functional phones sold on Glyde have a 12 months limited warranty.
What does the 12 months warranty cover?
The limited warranty is applicable for defects in material and workmanship that result in failure during normal usage.
Does the 12 months warranty cover accidental damage?
No. But, you can add a 1- or 2-year accidental damage protection plan from TessaB Protect when you purchase your phone.
Is loss of data covered by the 12 months warranty?
No. Coverage is limited to repair or replacement of the phone.
How do I obtain warranty service?
To obtain warranty service for your Glyde phone, please contact Customer Care at 1-833-313-3331. If your problem cannot be resolved over the phone, our technicians will provide you with a Return Authorization Number, which you will use to send your Phone to the designated Service Center for repair or replacement, at our option.
Will I get the same phone back from warranty service?
Not necessarily.Glyde will replace or repair the defective phone. The replacement may be a different but comparable phone if the same exact phone is not available. You should back up all back up all data and reset the prior to getting warranty service.
How long does it take to get my phone?
Our policy requires sellers to ship the phone within 3 business days of purchase. We offer USPS ground shipping for free which can take 1-5 days. Or buyers can upgrade to USPS Priority Mail for a charge which takes 1-3 days. All shipping labels are provided by Glyde.
What’s the standard return policy on used phones?
All phones can be returned if the diagnostic tests fail when the buyer receives the phone. Buyers have 48 hours to run the app from the time the phone is delivered. Some sellers offer returns if the buyer changes their mind, some do not. This information will be clearly displayed on the product listing page. However, if a regular seller sends you a phone that doesn’t match the listing after running diagnostics, you will have the option to initiate a dispute and return the phone to the seller at their expense.
Are there any fees?
Glyde charges a 15% platform fee on all final sales. This fee covers our free diagnostics tools, standard 3-month warranty, which other peer-to-peer sites don’t offer, and free ground shipping. The platform fee is included in the listing price.
What if I don’t run diagnostics within 48 hours of receiving the phone?
If diagnostics aren’t run within 48 hours of the shipping confirmation timestamp, payment is released to the seller.
What if I can’t run the diagnostics because the phone arrives damaged or won’t turn on?
Sign into your Glyde account. Go to the My Phone section and select the My Purchases tab. Find the phone order and click on the initiate dispute link. Once you fill out and submit the dispute form the smart contract will be frozen and a Glyde customer service representative will handle the case.
How do I return a phone?
If your phone is eligible to be returned, you can initiate the process directly from the account management section of the site. You can also track your phone’s shipment status in the account management area of the site as well.
How are phone prices determined?
You might see a wide range of phone prices on the site, as sellers list phones in all types of conditions. Sellers are able to choose their own prices, but we offer general guidelines and recommendations to make sure that the listings on the site are priced at their true market value.
What does it mean when a phone is unlocked?
An unlocked phone is one that is not tied to a specific carrier. The majority of recent phones have the capability to work on any carrier once they’re unlocked, but some older phones are locked to a specific set of carriers. This information is displayed on each phone listing – so you won’t have to spend any time figuring out if the phone will work on your carrier! Learn more about unlocked phones on our blog post here.
Who pays for shipping?
Glyde covers free USPS ground shipping. Buyers can upgrade to USPS Priority for an additional charge.
Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel the order if the seller has not yet shipped the phone by clicking on cancel order in the purchases tab under my phones after logging into your Glyde account.
What happens if I don’t receive my phone?
The seller has 3 business days to ship the phone from the day you order it. If they don’t ship the phone within 7 business days, the order is automatically canceled and your payment is automatically returned.
How do I contact customer service?
You can email us at [email protected] and explain your issue. We will get back to you within 24 hours – if we can’t resolve the situation via email, we’ll be more than happy to get on a phone call with you to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you purchased a phone and can’t run diagnostics within the 48 hour window because the phone is damaged, first sign into your Glyde account. Go to the My Phone section and select the My Purchases tab. Find the phone order and click on the initiate dispute link. Once you fill out and submit the dispute form the smart contract will be frozen and a Glyde customer service representative will handle the case.
How do I contact TessaB Protect a customer service?
You may obtain service or claim support by accessing the TessaB Protect App, using the online Consumer Web Portal (https://tessabprotect.servify.tech/), by emailing to [email protected], or by calling (toll-free) 1-833-313-3331. For faster service, please have the mobile phone number or mobile phone serial number available.
What is your privacy policy?
You can view our privacy policy https://help.glyde.com/s/article/Privacy-Policy
Can I buy a phone if I’m based outside of the United States?
No. Currently Glyde operates only in the United States.