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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

Game plays perfectly. May have minor scratches. Case has no more than a few minor scratches. No personal markings. Not a previous rental. Instruction manual, if originally included with game, is present. Some games have digital instructions only.
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Platform: Wii
Publisher: Natsume Inc.
Genre: Simulation
Players: 1-4
The second proper release in Natsume's pastoral franchise to come to the Wii, Harvest Moon: Animal Parade adds in some RPG convention to its tried-and-true farming gameplay, and for some extra spice it even brings the circus to town. It seems the divine tree that stood for years in the Harvest Goddess' pond is dying, and as a result the five bells have lost their power, and all the animals are leaving. Only gamers can bring the tree back to life by ringing the five bells and going on a quest ...
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