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Sellers run comprehensive

Sellers run comprehensive diagnostic tests on phones before they are listed.


Buyers validate diagnostic testing on our mobile app when they receive the phone.


Smart contracts release payment to seller only when diagnostic tests match.

Relax, a three month warranty comes with your phone purchase!

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Better Prices

Better Prices

With no middlemen, buyers pay less, and sellers get more

More Transparency

Advanced diagnostics tools give buyers confidence in the condition of seller's phones

Tighter Security

Smart contracts hold buyers and sellers accountable, keeping unscrupulous players away
FAQs about buying used iPhones
Is it worth it to buy a used iPhone?
You can save hundreds of dollars by shopping pre-owned iPhones at Glyde instead of buying new or elsewhere online! Our marketplace allows sellers to list iPhones at reasonable prices. So yes, it’s worth it to buy a used iPhone on Glyde!
Is there a difference between a used and refurbished iPhone?
The terms used and refurbished are often used almost interchangeably. While used is a blanket term for used phones, refurbished typically implies that the phone has gone through repairs or inspections. However, not all retailers or manufacturers have the same standards for refurbished phones. At Glyde, you don’t have to worry – every seller runs a diagnostic test on their phone before it’s listed, and they won’t get your money until you run that same test to make sure it’s the phone you purchased.
When do iPhone prices drop?
Recent iPhones will typically see their prices drop around September and October when new iPhones are released. The prices of older iPhone models generally drop over time – but at a certain point, they can hit a plateau as their price hits rock-bottom, typically when they’re more than a few generations old or get discontinued.