iPhone 8 clearance event! Get $20 off with code 20OFF8
iPhone 8 clearance event! Get $20 off with code 20OFF8

Why Buy A Used iPhone 8

Released alongside the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 is the last iPhone to be released with Apple’s signature home button. It serves as a cost-effective, powerful iPhone for those who prefer Apple’s signature phone style over the newer models – or simply for those who want a great iPhone for cheap!

Buy Used iPhone 8 Confidently

Sellers run comprehensive

Sellers run comprehensive diagnostic tests on phones before they are listed.


Buyers validate diagnostic testing on our mobile app when they receive the phone.


Smart contracts release payment to seller only when diagnostic tests match.

Relax, a 12 months warranty comes with your phone purchase!

FAQs about buying an iPhone 8

How much does a used iPhone 8 cost?
The retail price of a used iPhone 8, when it was released in 2017, ranged from $699 to $849. But, you can usually find it for cheaper if you buy used on sites like Glyde.
What colors are available for the iPhone 8?
The iPhone 8 comes in four classic colors: silver, gold, space grey, and red. They’re not as vibrant as the colors on some of the other phone models, but each color has a distinctly different look.
What storage options are available on the iPhone 8?
Apple offers 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB options for this phone. If that’s not enough, iCloud Storage is an affordable and easy way to offload some of your larger files. Expandable storage is not supported on any iPhone model.
Does the iPhone 8 have a good camera?
The iPhone 8 is outfitted with a 12-megapixel camera that’s great for capturing everything from family photos to high-quality video.
Should I get the iPhone 8 or XR?
Though the iPhone 8 released alongside the X, it most frequently gets compared with the XR – both are cost-effective alternatives to many of the iPhones currently on the market. The bottom line: if you prefer Apple’s old phone style, go with this one. If you like the new look, pick the XR! We offer both at incredibly low prices.