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Buyback Guarantee

We’re So Confident In The
Quality Of Our Premium
Pre-Owned Devices.

We’ll buy them back from you in
one year.

Upgrade Faster With The Buyback
Guarantee Powered By TessaB.

With the high cost of today’s mobile devices, we understand upgrading every year is not an option for most people. But with the Buyback Guarantee, we are making it more affordable and easy to do.

Exactly one year after purchasing a device on Glyde, you can execute a blockchain-enabled smart contract and sell it back to us for a guaranteed amount. When it’s time to trade up, just run the mobile diagnostics tests on the TessaB Connect mobile app (available later this year), so we can confirm your device is fully functional. Then mail it back, and get paid - it’s that easy!

Here's how it works:


Open a smart contract when you purchase your mobile device on Glyde.


Download the TessaB Connect app (available later this year).


Run our mobile diagnostics test so we can confirm your device is fully functional.


Send the device back to Glyde, get paid cash, or use the money towards the purchase of a new device.