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A detailed look at condition grading

Best Quality (shows minor blemishes)

Our "GOAT - Greatest of all time." You will be happy with the TLC this used phone received. It’s ready for its next life with you! Use a case to keep the condition great and value high when you trade-in for your next device.

Best Value (noticeable scratches)

Our  "MVP - Most Valuable Player." This one is a mid-tier condition and is probably the greatest value. It is not so pristine that you have to worry about scratches that happen with use, but it also shows the love of its previous life. The smile and laugh lines are more pronounced here, and we love the imperfections expressing that you are saving the planet, one scratch at a time. 

Best Price (noticeable dings and scratches)

Our "Honorable Mention." This one gets the job done at the best possible price available. If you’re a “get your hands dirty” kind of person who needs a partner in crime for daily use that won’t shout to the world, “I’m so Vein,” this one is for YOU. Practical. Showing some use. Dependable. And ready to rumble.