Bring Your Devices Back From the Dead - And Make Some Cash!

Don’t panic, but chances are good there are zombies in your house right now. Don’t pick up that axe or run to your underground bunker just yet though. Glyde is here to help you put an end to any potential outbreak.

The Walking Dead

Okay, you can probably tell that we’re fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead. With the show starting its fourth season last Sunday (don’t worry, we’re not going to post any spoilers!) and Halloween just around the corner, we’ve been thinking a lot about zombies lately... but not the brain-eating kind.

We’re talking about all those “dead” mobile devices you don’t use anymore. You know … the ones you stashed in a drawer or a cardboard box just in case your new phone breaks. You’ve probably got two or three devices stored over the years that you could unload right now for some serious dough. And with rumors flying about new tablets coming soon from all the major manufacturers, now’s a great time to dig up your old iPad, Kindle and Google Nexus devices and give them a second life, for cash.

Still alive...and worth cash!

How much cash? Well, here’s what we’re offering for some popular tablets as of October 14th compared with our competitors’ prices. Click on any tablet to see more models.

Glyde Gazelle Nextworth
Apple iPad 1 (16GB, WiFi) $102 $90 $84
Apple iPad 2 (16GB, WiFi) $204 $185 $160
Amazon Kindle Fire 2011 (8GB, WiFi) $44 $14 $21
Amazon Kindle Fire HD (16GB, WiFi) $71 $18 $65
Google Nexus 7 (16GB, WiFi) $85 $46 $45

Time Is of the Essence

These figures change all the time based on the demand for those devices, but in general, they lose some of their value whenever a new version is announced. Before you buy a new tablet, think about how your new tablet will hold its value. A year after their release, the Kindle Fire HD and HD 8.9 held on to only 35%-40% of their original value. The iPad 4th generation and iPad mini held on to about 60% of their original value.

Based on what we’re hearing from the industry, we recommend selling your iPad before October 22nd. On average, older model iPads lose 15% of their value the month following the release of the new iPads. That translates into a $75 difference in resale value for the 3rd generation iPad.

If you're selling a different tablet, it won’t hurt to wait until you find a deal on your new one. For example, Kindle Fires only lost 7% of their value during the Fire HD's release last year. This only amounted to a $5-$10 difference.

But whatever device you have, don’t hold on to them too long. This same goes for old smartphones and iPodstoo. Remember: when it comes to containing a zombie apocalypse, time is of the essence!

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The Glyde Team