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5/5 Stars: “Smooth sailing! Using glyde was a breeze. Absolutely love this service and have recommended to friends.” – Phillip R.

5/5 Stars: “The easiest and best transaction I have ever had on the internet! A NO BRAINER” – Patrick H.

4/5 Stars: “Everything went swimmingly except my final payment. It seems the scan for the delivery by USPS didn't go through and it delayed my payment by a few days. Went I sent an email to follow up it was answered immediately and very thoroughly. I've already recommended it to friends and will use it again in the future.” – Elly H.

2/5 Stars: “takes a lot of price for selling items. craigslist is much better. very few seelctions.” - Sri A.

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“Sold my S4 on @Glyde! Thanks for telling me about it! It's way better than Craig's List! Will use it again.” - @queenjovan via Twitter

“Just want to say thanks for great customer service... I had an issue with the iphone 4s I ordered and Glyde really took care of it. Thanks!” – Dawn K. via Facebook

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Consumer Reports – “Glyde: Best for highest prices.”

Mashable – “What's useful about Glyde is it gives you more options to tell them about the amazing (or maybe not so amazing) condition you've kept your device in, which can earn you more cash.”

ESPN – “Thanks to, gamers have a new alternative, giving them the ability to sell copies of games for their asking price to other gamers looking for a bargain.”

Yahoo! - “Listing an unwanted item on the site is a ten-second task, and shipping's made easier with Glyde's Netflix-style pre-stamped mailers.”

Fox News - “At Glyde it takes just a few clicks to list an iPad (or video game) for sale. The site has photos and descriptions of products, so you don't have to do any promoting.”

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