iPhone Apps for Better Pictures

Of course, to make your good photos even better, there are lots of fantastic iPhone apps. Here’s a quick guide to some of our personal picks!

1. Aviary - Free

This simple photo editing app is a great way to enhance the photos you take. Not only can you apply special effects to your photos, but it has the standard features that allows you to crop, adjust exposure, change your contrast, and add special effects like drawings and stickers.

2. Instagram - Free

If you want something super simple, Instagram is the way to go. Although rather limited in terms adjusting and fixing your photo (you can add frames or set your photo at certain filters), it still turns out visually pleasing photos. Instagram not only allows you to give a photo instant flair, but also gives you the ability to share your photos via Facebook, Twitter, and email in seconds.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express - Free

Another free offering for your smartphone, Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to use a wide range of effects and frames for your photos. Most users like it because it’s incredibly simple to use and they like it for the wide range of editing tools available.

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The Glyde Team