iPhones and Water Damage

What can you do when your iPhone takes a dip? Andrew Chase, Glyde’s CTO, demonstrates popular tricks for saving your iPhone – from rice and alcohol baths to battery removal.

What should you do if your iPhone gets wet?

Most likely you saw your iPhone dive into the toilet or take a dip in your pool. If the water damage isn’t so apparent, you should check if the Liquid Contact Indicator in the bottom of the headphone jack has turned red. Every iPhone since the 3G also has an indicator at the bottom of the dock-connector housing that turns from white to red with liquid contact.

If your device has AppleCare, you should immediately bring it into the Apple store. Although water damage isn’t covered by the warranty, you’ll get a thorough assessment of the condition from an Apple employee. If Apple can’t provide any additional steps, proceed with one of the following options, ranked by risk.

Low Risk

Take your iPhone to a store that is partnered with iCracked. iCracked performs iOS device repairs like replacing broken screens, LCDs, and correcting water damage for all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch models. Aside from having iTechnicians located in major urban areas worldwide, iCracked sells Do-It-Yourself Kits along with tutorials so you can easily perform repairs yourself.

Medium Risk

Submerge your phone in rice. A few of our staff members have tried this and been successful, but obviously there is no guarantee.

1. Turn off your phone and remove the SIM card by inserting a needle or paperclip into the tiny hole at the top of the iPhone.

2. Put your iPhone in an airtight bag and cover it with uncooked rice. Let it sit undisturbed for a few days.

High Risk

Clean your iPhone internally and externally with Isopropyl Alcohol. We think this method is incredibly risky but we’ve heard it can be effective. The science behind this is that the alcohol will evaporate the water, but you’ll need to get this type of alcohol from your local hardware store. Do not use Ethyl Alcohol since this will hurt your LCD screen.

1. First, remove the SIM card and battery. You’ll need to buy an iPhone repair kit on Amazon to do so. Be careful to remove the iPhone casing and battery without touching the iPhone’s motherboard.

2. Once you’ve done this, dab the internal components (including motherboard) of the iPhone with a cloth dampened with the Isopropyl Alcohol. Make sure not to rub with the cloth to ensure you aren’t left with any residual fibers.

3. Let your iPhone sit for a few hours at room temperature before reassembling.

If these tricks don’t work, check out Glyde’s great deals on phones now.

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