How to Sell Your Phone

New smartphones from HTC, Samsung, and Apple seem to hit the shelves every few months. If one of the new handsets has caught your eye, don’t forget about the opportunity to sell your old phone. There’s real value in your pre-loved phone, sometimes enough to help you upgrade for free! We’re here to give you a few extra points to make your Glyde sale as fast and easy as possible.

List at Market Price

Everybody’s got their thing. Glyde’s thing is Market Price. Our algorithms make sure you get the most for your phone in a reasonable amount of time. Trade-in sites only give you a fraction of what your phone is really worth. When you list at Market Price, you’ll always get top dollar and a quick sale.

Clean your phone

This seems like an easy step, but one that’s easy to forget when selling your item. Giving your phone a thorough cleaning with a microfiber cloth can show hidden scratches, and remove fingerprints and smudges that may detract from the loved condition you kept it in. Bottom line: you wouldn’t want a smudged up phone and neither does your buyer. Why risk a return when it only takes a minute to remove those fingerprints from your last Angry Birds marathon?

Wipe and back up your data

Our phones have become our address book, music library, photo album and more. Back your files up to your cloud service or your computer, and then wipe your phone to its factory setting. Don’t know how? Check out how to wipe your phone here.

Call your carrier and deactivate your service

This is the last step in selling your phone and can eliminate the chance of your phone being returned to you. If you do not deactivate your service, many carriers actually consider the phone stolen and won’t let your excited, new buyer activate it.

Ready to list your phone for sale? Visit Glyde to see how much you can make.

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The Glyde Team