How to Switch Plans

Think you’re paying too much for your cell phone plan? Here are a few easy steps to switch plans.

Step 1

Take a minute to research other plans by calling other providers or checking out competitor websites.

Step 2

You should also periodically check your credit status to make sure you are in good shape to change your plan. An established credit history makes it easier to switch, although exact scores differ by provider.

Step 3

If you decide to switch plans, you should first call your provider to make sure all of your bills are paid in full. You can then ask when your contract expires. You can leave your provider at any time, but you could be subject to steep fees if you decide to switch before your contract expires.

Step 4

After you switch, you should start your new provider a couple of days before your old contract expires to ensure no disruption in service. If you want to keep your old number, make sure to ask your new provider. If not, it is easy to get a new number.

The last step is to activate your new phone. You will have two providers for a couple of days, but once your contract expires, you can cancel your old service. Now you have the option to sell your old phone. Check out Glyde for more details!

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The Glyde Team