How to Take Better Fashion Photos

Fashion sites like Lookbook and apps like Pose and Snapette are very popular right now. New threads, accessories, and shoes need to be shown off and, sometimes, need a second option from a friend who is miles away. In both cases, you need to take a great photo with your smartphone. Glyde’s put together a few quick tips.

1. When taking photos of fashion pieces like bags and shoes, make sure to have good light and a backdrop that doesn’t clash with the piece itself.

2. Find a good fitting room with adequate light. What good is an outfit shot if you can’t see the outfit clearly?

3.Position your phone towards the side instead of directly in front of you, that way you can see the entire outfit without the phone obstructing your vision.

4.Never use your camera flash. Since your camera is facing a mirror, using the flash will reflect on the mirror and produce bad quality photos.

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The Glyde Team