How to Take Better Food Photos

For all your FoodSpotters out there who just love taking photos of your dishes when you go out, here are some quick tips to remember to produce the best images possible.

1. Don’t take a bird’s eye picture of your dish. It doesnt give much depth to your image. It’s usually better to take it at an angle that’s slightly above your plate. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles. Changing up the angle, perspective and focal point of the dish will make your photos more appealing.

2. Lighting is very important for food photography. Natural light is best and poor, artificial lighting will make the food look less appetizing.

3.Lay out the photo carefully, follow the rule of thirds and add some props will give the photo more personality.

4.Don’t be afraid to focus on certain parts of the dish. Really focusing in upon just one part of the dish can be an effective way of highlighting the different elements of it.

5.Don’t just take one shot of the dish. Take multiple pictures in different angles, perspectives and settings.

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The Glyde Team