How to Take Better Landscape Photos

For people who love to travel and explore new places, taking good photos of the landscape with your smartphone is definitely important. Angles, perspective, and composition are key. Check out our guide on how to take great landscape photos.

1. Look for a focal point. Focal points can take many forms in landscapes and could range from a building or structure, a striking tree, a boulder or rock formation, a silhouette, etc. You should also consider the rule of thirds and where you’d want to place the focal point within the image.

2. Create a sense of depth for your shot. Pick an interesting foreground and background for your image.

3. Approach a photo from a different point of view. Try not to approach the scenery from a typical perspective. Take a little more time with your shots and get creative. Find a different spot to shoot from, try taking it from a lower point or a more elevated point.

4. One of the questions to ask yourself as you take landscape shots is, “How am I leading the eye of those viewing this shot?” One of the best ways lead viewers into a shot is to provide sight lines, such as the slope of a hill or edge of a treeline, that lead them into an image. Lines give an image depth, scale and can be a point of interest in and of themselves by creating patterns in your shot.

4. Frame your shot by adding interesting pieces to the edges of your image. You can frame a landscape with branches or a tree trunk, or a bridge if you’re shooting a lake or a body of water.

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