How to Take Better Portraits

Here’s our quick guide to taking portrait photos with your smartphone (pictures of your kids and dogs included)!

1. For kids, the best advice we can give is to shoot candid photos. This will put them more at ease and you can end up getting some special shots with them reacting naturally to the situation that they are in. You might even want to grab a longer zoom lens to take you out of their immediate zone, paparazzi-style.

2. Take several photos of the same subject. You can present these as a series of images instead of just one static image. This technique can work very well when you’re photographing children, or really any active subject that is changing their position or pose in quick succession.

3. When you take a standard portrait photo, focus on the subject’s eyes. That way the subject’s face will be the main point of the picture. It’s also best to take photos in natural light and to use minimal or no flash at all.

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The Glyde Team