What to Do If Your iPhone Is Lost or Stolen

If your phone is lost or stolen, don’t panic. Follow these easy steps:

Step 1

Change your email password, online banking information and any other personal data accessible on your iPhone to prevent identity theft.

Step 2

If you have set up an iCloud account and enabled the Find my iPhone app*, activate the app from another Apple device. This app will locate your iPhone and protect your data. If you have not set up an iCloud account, proceed to Step 6.

Step 3

In the instance that you don’t have an iPhone passcode set up, you can set a four-digit passcode remotely with the Find My iPhone app. Launch the app, click or tap Devices, select your iPhone, and click or tap Remote Lock.

Step 4

Use the Find My iPhone app to locate your phone.

Step 5

You will have the option to wipe your iPhone’s data remotely using the Find My iPhone app. This should only be done as a last resort since you will no longer be able to track the device once you wipe it. Simply launch the app, click or tap Devices select your iPhone, and click or tap Remote Wipe and confirm.

Step 6

Call your cell provider. You can suspend or cancel your service so you don’t incur any charges. You should only do this as a last resort because you will be unable to track your device once the provider suspense your account.

Step 7

Notify your contacts. Let them know that your phone was lost or stolen. If the phone is not recoverable, you may want to provide your contacts with a new number.

Step 8

If your phone was stolen, file a police report. This helps for documentation with your cell provider or insurance agency.

Step 9

Call your insurance provider. If you have third party insurance for your iPhone, call your carrier to find out what options you have to replace your phone.

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The Glyde Team