Which iPad Is Best for You?

With so many iPads on the market, it's difficult to see what separates the newest generation from last year's model. Springing for the latest and greatest can be unnecessary if an older and cheaper model suits your needs. Read this quick breakdown to make the right call.

If you...

want the lightest and fastest tablet from Apple, go for the iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina Display.

iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina Display

Features you might like

  • Lighter & Faster - The iPad Air is 28% lighter than the iPad 4th Gen. and 20% thinner.

  • A7 Chip - The A7 chip is Apple's the most powerful, making the iPad Air and mini twice as fast as previous generations.

If you...

want a top-of-the-line display, hands-free navigator, reservation maker, and 1080p HD video recorder. You’d use your tablet most days and a fast, well-connected, and sleek device makes all the difference.

You might like an iPad 4th Gen

iPad 4th Gen

Features you might like

  • Siri - With the iOS 7 update, Siri promises to access sports scores, launch apps, and search faster than ever.

  • Facetime over 3G - Expect to make video calls with friends and family over the 3G/ 4G network.

If you...

would use your tablet for email, reading, movies, browsing, and sharing pictures but don’t necessarily need Retina display or Siri. A nice camera is essential but video recording in 1080p isn’t.

You might like an iPad 2 with Wi-Fi

iPad 2 with Wi-Fi

Features you might like

  • VIP List - Add certain contacts to a VIP list and have their emails appear as text messages.

  • Shared Photo Stream - Share sets of photos via the iCloud with friends and family.

  • Safari Tab Syncing - All the tabs you open across your Apple devices are shown in a synchronized list. Simply pick up where you left off.

  • Offline Reading List - Save web pages and read them later with or without Internet connection.

If you...

like keeping it old school, especially if there’s a bargain to be had. No need for a camera or the newest bells and whistles. Your ideal tablet is more of an e-reading, gaming, and browsing device.

You might like an iPad with 3G

iPad with 3G

Features you might like

  • App Store - The app store has a wide array of games and apps.

  • Media Browsing, and Graphics - The original iPad is still competitive with many other tablets when it comes to display, speed, and graphics.

  • E-Reading - An LED-backlit display and 9.7-inch screen make for great e-reading.

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