Which iPhone Is Best for You?

We’ve created a simple, feature-based guide to help you get the iPhone that best suits your needs.

If you...

want the best of the best, get the new iPhone 5S with the A7 chip and fingerprint scanner.

You might like an iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

Features you might like

  • Touch ID - The Touch ID fingerprint scanner will unlock your phone when you put your finger over the Home button. It has the potential to eliminate the need for passwords altogether and make your phone more secure.

  • The A7 Chip - The new A7 chip is twice as fast as the A6 and promises to deliver twice the graphics performance for games.

  • The M7 Coprocessor - The new M7 chip measures motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. It also helps your phone's battery life.

  • Built-in Apps - All the built-in apps on iOS 7 are optimized to take advantage of the A7 chip's high-performance.

If you...

want color choices, a more durable phone, and to save some cash, the iPhone 5C is for you.

You might like an iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C

Features you might like

  • Color Choices - The iPhone 5C sports five color options; white, pink, yellow, blue, and green. All mesh well with iOS 7's brighter palette.

  • Durable Shell - The hard-coated polycarbonate body is durable and won't show as many scratches as the aluminum back on the iPhone 5.

  • Camera - With iOS 7 on the iPhone 5C, you can take 1080p HD video and make use of the 3x zoom.

If you...

want ultrafast 4G LTE, fast graphics, and a larger screen than the 4S, get the iPhone 5. The display’s 16×9 ratio is optimal for watching video and it’s all packed into a lighter, thinner frame.

You might like an iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Features you might like

  • Faster, Smarter Siri - The A6 processor is not a slouch compared to other phones, Siri will pull movie info, sports scores, and launch apps very quickly.

  • Facetime over 4G LTE - iPhone 5 brings Facetime conversations to your cellular connection.

  • The First iPhone with a 4-inch Screen - The iPhone 5’s larger screen doesn't match some of the Android competitors, but it's bigger than the iPhone 4S.

If you...

want a budget-friendly option with Siri that can navigate, make reservations, and video chat without WiFi.

You might like an iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

Features you might like

  • Siri - The 4S was the first iPhone with Siri. With iOS 7, Siri is able to search by voice from the homescreen and set new notifications.

  • Free on Most Two-Year Plans - Apple announced that a new 4S 8GB version would be available for $0 down on most two-year contracts.

If you...

don’t necessarily need the newest bells and whistles (like Siri), but want a great device with the tools to stay connected, entertained, and up-to-date, the iPhone 4 is a great option.

You might like an iPhone 4

iPhone 4

Features you might like

  • No Siri - Keep in mind that the iPhone will not support any iOS 7 features that require Siri.

  • No AirDrop - Photo sharing might a little more cumbersome without AirDrop.

  • Budget Friendly - A gently used iPhone 4 could be the most bang for your buck on the smartphone market.

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