How to Wipe Your Kindle

Read on to learn how to wipe your personal data from your Kindle so it’s ready to sell. The steps below may differ slightly depending on your Kindle model. If you are restoring a Kindle Fire tablet, see these instructions.

Step 1

Click the Menu button or, if you have the Kindle Paperwhite, tap the Menu icon (three stacked, horizontal bars) on your Home screen.

Step 2

Select Settings. If you're using a Kindle Touch, you may have to scroll down and then select Settings.

Step 3

Tap or select Menu again.

Step 4

Select Reset to Factory Defaults and confirm. This should erase all your data from the device. It may take up to 5 minutes to reboot.

Now that you've cleared your personal data, your Kindle is ready to sell and be shipped to its new owner. If you've haven't sold your Kindle yet, check out Glyde to get started.

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The Glyde Team