How to Wipe Your Windows Phone

Wipe your information from your Windows phone so that it's ready to sell. If you haven't done so already, visit Glyde to list your phone for sale.

Make sure you've backed up all the data that you want from your phone. Use Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud service and your Microsoft Account to complete a backup. Start by going to 'Settings' and scrolling down to 'Backup'. Once you've backed up your data, you're ready to wipe and reset the phone.

Step 1

Tap the Settings tile (looks like a gear icon) or visit Settings from the app list.

Step 2

Scroll down and tap about.

Step 3

Near the bottom of the page, select reset your phone.

Step 4

Confirm that you'd like to reset when you see the warning message.

Wait for your phone to restart. It's now ready for its next owner. If you have any questions about selling on Glyde, visit our FAQ page.

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The Glyde Team