Paperwhite vs. Nook GlowLight vs. Kindle Touch: An E-Reader Comparison

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

B&N Nook GlowLight

Amazon Kindle Touch

Very few heavier tablets can match the reading experience offered by dedicated e-readers from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. If you’re thinking about upgrading to Amazon’s newest e-reader, Paperwhite, we’ve compared it to the Kindle Touch and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight.

Our conclusion: Paperwhite’s sharper, front-lit screen and 3G connectivity give it a significant edge over both. Here are the details.


Both the Paperwhite and the Nook with GlowLight have sleek, front-lit screens, allowing for comfortable reading in bed or in low light. However, Paperwhite packs in 62% more pixels per square inch than the Kindle Touch and the Nook GlowLight, making for sharper text. Winner? Paperwhite.

Battery Life

Paperwhite promises 8 weeks of battery life based on a half hour of reading per day with the front-light on. The Kindle Touch matches the 8 weeks, but does not have the light. The Nook GlowLight measures in at one month of battery life based on a half hour of reading per day. In the battle of batteries, the Paperwhite is the clear winner.

Notable Extras

Paperwhite unveiled two notable extras, X-Ray and Time to Read. X-Ray is a content analysis feature that can track characters or story elements throughout a novel. Time to Read tracks your reading speed and estimates when you’ll finish the book or chapter you’re currently reading, which sounds great for knowing whether you’ll need to download a second book for that long flight or if you’re about to finish a chapter before dozing off.

3G vs WiFi

The Nook GlowLight is WiFi only, meaning that if you don’t have an Internet connection or you’re not in a free public hotspot, you can’t download a new book. Paperwhite has both a 3G and a WiFi model and the 3G data is free. If you aren’t the type to plan ahead and like a impromptu download every now and then, Paperwhite with 3G is the best choice.

Look & Feel

The Kindle Touch, Paperwhite, and Nook GlowLight all weigh about 7-8 ounces and have 6-inch screens. All three devices have responsive touch screens and are easy to hold for long periods of time.

Price Comparison

Kindle Paperwhite B&N Nook Glowlight Kindle Touch
Internet Connectivity Wi-Fi Only, Wi-Fi with 3G Wi-Fi Only Wi-Fi Only
Price Wi-Fi with ads from $119, 3G with ads from $179 Wi-Fi no ads from $139 Wi-Fi with ads from $69

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