iPad mini vs. Nexus 7

Apple iPad mini

Google Nexus 7

Apple threw down a direct challenge to Google and its Nexus 7 tablet during the iPad mini announcement. Some may cry foul at that comparison, noting that the Nexus 7’s starting price is $199, much lower than iPad mini’s $329 price tag. Regardless, it’s clear that the tablet war is on and direct callouts will be a tactic. Here’s a quick breakdown of the two devices.


When it comes to style and size, the iPad mini wins with a 7.9 inch display compared to Nexus’ 7 inch screen. This gives it 35% more total display area. If you’re all about the pixels, the Nexus 7 edges out the iPad mini, 1200 x 800 vs. 1024 x 768.


Both operating systems have a large selection of apps and pre-loaded content. At the launch event for the mini, Apple made sure to note that many of the Android tablet apps are scaled up versions of phone apps, while Apple has 275,000 apps specifically designed for its iPad lineup.

Battery Life

Apple quotes ten hours of battery life for web surfing, music, or video over WiFi. The Nexus 7 has tested out at nine hours.


The iPad mini features a 5MP iSight camera on the back and 1.2MP camera on the front. The Nexus 7 matches the front facing camera, but does not offer a camera on the back.

Options and Pricing

The iPad mini starts at $329, a steeper price than many predicted.

iPad mini (available in white or black)

WiFi Only WiFi + Cellular
16GB $329 $459
32GB $429 $559
64GB $529 $659

Nexus 7 (available in black)

WiFi Only
16GB $199
32GB $249
64GB with Mobile Data $299

Final Word

The iPad mini bumps up the display size and attaches an impressive camera to the back, but those differences come with a significantly higher price. With rumors of the Nexus 7 falling to $99, the two tablets will likely find different audiences.

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