Sell Smart - Get the Best Price for Your Old Gadget

Has every smartphone or tablet owner come across this problem before? After having purchased the latest and greatest smartphone, you find yourself wondering what to do with the old one, which is most likely still in perfect working condition.

Of course, selling it is probably the most ideal and profitable option, but where do you start? Amazon, eBay and Craiglist come to mind. But what should you ask for it? What are the going rates? As Drew Lieberman, CEO of Glyde points out, “we’ve discovered one of the reasons people do not sell their devices is because they’re unsure of how much money they will get from selling them.”

Since scouring sites for the best price and selling experience takes a lot of time and research, we’ve come up with Sell Smart.

Think of Sell Smart as your one-stop guide to making the right call about where to sell your used phone or tablet. This guide includes sites such as Glyde, Apple Recycling, Amazon Trade In, and Gazelle. Once you enter the phone or tablet model you want to sell, each site is evaluated on the following five criteria: inclusion of a shipping kit and label, when your item sells after listing, method of receiving payment, ease of selling experience (based on provision of shipping materials and different shipping options) and money generated for the seller.

We hope that Sell Smart assists you, our readers and users, in making the best decision when selling your old phone or tablet. Happy Selling!

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The Glyde Team