The Ten Best Android Apps

With thousands of great apps on the Android market, highlighting ten is a clearly subjective process. But everybody loves a good Top Ten list and we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed in these apps. Give these a try and let us know about your favorite Android apps in the comments section below.


If you’ve used Chrome, you already know. The buttons seem to be right where you want them and it’s noticeably faster. Open unlimited tabs and sync your open tabs and bookmarks from your computer.

Google Drive

Don’t let the name fool you, Google isn’t going to drive your car for you (yet). Google Drive is file storage and synchronization service, like Dropbox. Instead of Dropbox’s 2 GB of free storage, Google Drive gives you 5 GB. Google Docs is built right into Google Drive, allowing you to collaborate on projects and share content with others.

Pulse News

Pulse organizes your favorite news sources into one clean, easy-to-navigate app. It’s like your own personal newsstand, saving you from hopping from site to site (or app to app) to get your information fix. Select up to 30 news sources and put them all in one place with Pulse.


Vlingo is a voice activated assistant, like Siri, that will search, message, navigate, Tweet and post to Facebook at your command. Vlingo also understands a variety of accents and speech patterns. Simple commands like “find gas station” yield quick search results and it’s completely free.


If you’re a Netflix subscriber, this is a no-brainer. It takes a strong 3G connection (or 4G or WiFi) and a device with a good screen, but being able to access Netflix’s library of movies and shows on the go is convenient and fun.

Juice Defender

Everyone could use a little more battery life. Enter JuiceDefender, an app that disables some of your device’s features, at times when you won’t notice they’re gone, to save your battery. For example, you’re probably not streaming music and reading emails while you’re asleep. Set up JuiceDefender once and it will automatically shut those down during the wee hours. The standard version is free, but, if you need to save a lot of battery life, the paid version gives you more options.


Yelp solves a familiar situation. You’re on the move and need to find a business nearby, but you’re unfamiliar with the neighborhood. Yelp offers user reviews, ratings, photos, and directions. Its interface is simple and clean and narrowing your search by price or distance is especially helpful when looking for that perfect restaurant.


Scoutmob is little bit like a throwing all the daily deal coupon sites (Groupon, etc.) into one local and better organized basket. You don’t have to print coupons or pay for deals before you use them. Scoutmob is GPS-enabled, showing you the deals in your immediate location, almost begging you to go out and explore. It’s currently only available in select cities, but it’s expanding quickly.


Flixster manages to be the perfect app for both the film buff and the casual movie goer. Deciding what to see, where to see it, and when it’s showing can be a hassle on a small screen. Flixster organizes the answers to these questions in a simple and pleasing interface. See showtimes and taglines, sort movies by popularity or genre, get reviews from Rotten Tomato, and save movies you want to see later. You can even stream and download full length movies.

Lookout Mobile Security

The free version of Lookout Mobile Security does four things really well. It blocks and scans your device for mobile malware, protects your data in case you lose your device, alerts you if an app seeks risky permissions, and geo-locates your device in case of loss or theft. It’s a one-stop shop for free protection and a wise move for any Android user.

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The Glyde Team