The Top 10 Most Popular Sports Games on Glyde (2012)

Madden NFL 12

Released in August 2011, the next installment in the popular Madden franchise delivers much of the same action as previous years. Some new features include better tackling and rougher collisions. Some reviewers bill the 2012 version as the hardest yet. Others lament that poor commentary and weak instant replays aren’t worth it.

NBA 2K12

Most reviewers agree that NBA 2K12 surpasses all of their expectations for a basketball game. Released in October 2011, many agree that this is the best in the franchise. Some improvements include a better My Player mode, more classic players and teams and more lifelike moves.

FIFA Soccer 12

Released in September 2011, this new version of the beloved soccer franchise has amazing reviews. Enhanced features include a new defensive system, more realistic player impact engine and better head to head season action. The most highly rated new feature is the EA Sports Football Club, allowing you to play against the world’s best players while keeping track of you progress as well.

Madden NFL 13

Madden’s latest version features more realistic passing and gives players more play options. Kinect gamers can also use verbal commands to call plays and snap the ball. Madden NFL 13 has also been redesigned to closely resemble a real CBS broadcast. Aside from that, gamers can still control current, created, or Hall-of-Fame players, or become a coach and manage every aspect of their team's operations, but now they can do it all as part of an online league with up to 31 other people.

NBA 2K11

Michael Jordan is back in this new edition of the classic basketball game. Released in October 2010, many reviewers hail this version as very realistic. Featuring classic players and improved offensive and defensive moves, this game showcases the greatest NBA games of the past.

NCAA Football 12

This latest release got good reviews, but many feel like there isn’t much change from the previous version of this college football game. Released in July of 2011, some new features include better block and pass defense, exciting integration with ESPN and lifelike field action. Some reviewers think that the multiple menus bog down the action.

Madden NFL 11

Released in August of 2010, this version of the classic football game is geared towards mainstream players. New features include a revamped play-calling system, enhanced AI and more competitive play. One drawback is the new Ultimate Madden Mode falls flat.

MLB 12: The Show

Fans of the classic baseball game won’t be disappointed in this new installment released in March 2012. A new pitching system, more realistic player reactions and more controlled batting make this game very enjoyable. There is also a new mode called Diamond Dynasty, which lets you take control of an entire team over a whole season.


This exciting installment of the extreme snowboarding game was released in February 2012 when extreme sports games were fading out in popularity. This version delivers action packed drama with players trying to conquer nine Deadly Descents, hailed as the most dangerous mountains in the world. Some features include new environments to tackle, more speed and thrilling multi-player options.

NCAA Football 13

This latest release comes with an emphasis on more realistic passing and pass defense, and allows quarterbacks to take specific dropbacks, pump fake, and change the trajectory of each pass. The new "Read & React Defense" feature for linebackers and defensive backs requires them to see the ball before they make a play on it. One thing to look forward to is the new “Heisman Challenge”, where games can play as former Heisman Trophy winners and attempt to duplicate their award winning stats.

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