Top Public Transit Apps for Your iPhone

Out of all the new features that came with the iOS 6 update, Apple’s brand new Maps app is a mixed bag at best. It lacks public transportation schedules, Street View, and, at times, misplaces landmarks. While Apple hurries to make corrections (or to make Google Maps available again), here are some replacement apps to bridge the gap.

Lumatic City - Free

This app offers a traditional bird’s-eye view of the street grid and gives you street-level photos, perfect for when you need more visual cues and would have used Google Street View. The user interface is a bit cluttered, but the visual cues are definitely helpful. It covers about 27 major metropolitan areas including New York, LA and San Francisco.


The Transit App - Free with additional buy-ins

Transit is quick to recognize landmarks, cafes and restaurants across 19 cities. You can get schedules for specific bus and train lines too. Planning and marking a route is free for only the first 20 trips. Once you subscribe, you can plan an unlimited number of trips. One month will cost you $1, six months is $3 and one year is $5.

Roadify - Free

Roadify gives public transit a social touch. It offers real-time arrivals for transit lines in ten U.S. cities and you can save the lines you ride the most as favorites. Other bonuses include Twitter integration to see if other commuters are reporting delays. The app has a “Report” tab, which you can use to notify other Roadify users about issues that you run into.

HopStop - Free

HopStop can help you navigate through the mass-transit systems of 60 cities in the U.S. and some parts of Canada and Europe. By giving you clear and detailed directions, including which stops you have to pass to get to your destination, HopStop helps you stay oriented every step of the way. Biking or walking instead? HopStop tells you how many calories you burn and CO2 you save during your human-powered commute.

Google Maps in Your Browser - Free

Another option is to open up Google Maps on your web browser. Google Maps is probably still the best option when it comes to maps and navigation and the web browser version is still very straightforward and easy to use. For now, it will just take a few extra taps to get to it on iOS 6.

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The Glyde Team