How to Activate Your iPhone

To begin, turn on your phone by holding down the button on the top right. Swipe at the bottom to continue setting up your phone.

How to Activate Your iPhone

Step 1

First, you’ll be asked to select the language you want the phone to work in.

Step 2

Once you’ve selected a language, you can set your location.

Step 3

You will also be given the option to enable location services. If you are near a Wi-Fi network, you should enter that information now.

Step 4

Next, you will have three options to set-up the iPhone. You can set it up as a new phone, or restore all your applications, data, music, and settings from your iTunes or your iCloud account.

Step 5

Once that is completed you will be brought to a screen that will require you to enter your current Apple ID or create a new one.

Step 6

You can then set up iCloud, which is a free a free web-based service that Apple offers to keep track of all your data on all of your devices. You can now choose to backup your data to iCloud or to your computer.

Step 7

After you set up the iCloud, you can also choose to use Siri, iPhone’s voice-activated assistant.

Step 8

You’re almost done! After setting up Siri, Apple will let you decide if you want to use Find My iPhone, which is the phone’s GPS system that could help you if your iPhone is lost or stolen.

The final step is deciding whether to share information with Apple. No personal information is shared, only information about how the phone is working. Your phone should now be ready for use.

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