Glyde Buyback Guarantee: Powered by TessaB

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This isn't just a smarter way to upgrade your mobile device—
it's a smarter way to earn cryptocurrency.

Glyde gets you more value from device trade-ins, plus a risk-free way to earn cryptocurrency when you upgrade your mobile device.

The Buyback Guarantee: Twelve months after purchasing a device on Glyde, you can execute a blockchain-enabled smart contract, trade in your device, and get paid in TessaB digital assets (TSB).

You can use TSB to upgrade your device on Glyde, download our mobile app and keep TSB in your digital wallet, or exchange them for cash or other cryptocurrencies.

If you decide you would rather be paid in cash, no problem. Or if you decide you don’t want to activate the Buyback Guarantee, no problem, just keep your device.

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Here's how it works:

What if I opt into a smart contract
before the mobile app launches?

Smart contracts issued before the mobile app launches will pay out in USD instead of TessaB digital assets (TSB). If you prefer to be paid in TSB, you will have the option to make that change before the smart contract expires. We will notify customers by email when that change can be made.