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Glyde is pausing new transactions starting 11/19 as we prepare to launch a brand new site in December.

Glyde Guarantee

At Glyde, we know that buying and selling items online can be nerve-racking, especially when something doesn’t go as planned. If you ever need to return an item that you’ve purchased or have a problem shipping your sold item, we’re here to set things right – guaranteed. For returns, just let us know within 3 days of receiving your purchase.

From the tiniest question to the biggest problem, just email us at [email protected] for help.

Here's what people are saying about our service.

“One of the main reasons I have come to enjoy buying and selling on Glyde is because of the great customer service you guys have. I know I can post and buy on your website with the confidence in knowing that when situations like this come up, they'll be handled in the quickest and best way possible.” – Dale from New Brighton, PA

“Thank you very much, I never thought you guys would be this easy to deal with and that you would have this level of attention with the game sales, I loved the service before, I'll be sure to recommend it to everyone from now on. Thank you very much for your help, you have no idea how much I value great customer service.” – Nickolas from Fitchburg, MA

“I have heard horror stories from many friends concerning the customer service in other online purchasing websites. The folks at Glyde have been consistently and promptly helpful with the problems I have brought to your attention.” – George from Royal Oak, MI

“Wow, that was fast! Thank you for the detailed explanation. I heard about you guys through Twitter of all places and I have to say that I'm very impressed with the customer service so far. And thank you for the confirmation number. I definitely plan on using Glyde both as a buyer and a seller for the foreseeable future.” – Joshua from Edgewater, FL