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iPhone 8 clearance event! Get $20 off with code 20OFF8

How Much Is My iPhone Worth?

Used iPhones are selling for between $100 - $1200 depending on the model, storage and condition.

iPhone Value Calculator
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How much can I get for my used iPhone?

iPhones hold their value well. That’s good news: It means that if you’re looking to sell your iPhone, you may be able to get a great price for it. Of course, prices change over time and it’s sometimes difficult to figure out how much your phone is worth when you want to sell it.

To be specific: When Apple releases a new iPhone, the price of the newest few generations takes a dip. Older generations are less affected, as they’ve already survived plenty of new phone releases. Once an iPhone reaches the point where it’s no longer in production, prices can plateau or even increase as supply dwindles.

This page will help you figure out how much your iPhone is worth. Use the tool above, and the tables below, to figure out how much your used iPhone is really worth. The values displayed are the fair market values of used iPhones: The prices you should be able to get without middlemen on sites like Glyde.

There are plenty of places online where you can sell your phone. We did the research and wrote a blog post analyzing the best places to sell your phone here. Now, without further ado, check out the tables below for the value of your used iPhone.