iPhone 8 clearance event! Get $20 off with code 20OFF8
iPhone 8 clearance event! Get $20 off with code 20OFF8

How Much Can I Sell My Phone For?

The Glyde Marketplace price tool scrapes the internet to find the true value of your used phone – so you know you are selling it at a fair price.

Our tool will give you two prices:

#1: The average trade-in value across the internet

#2: The fair market value of your phone, reflecting what you should get selling on Glyde

Find Out How Much My Phone Is Worth
Select a phone and we’ll show you the markets valuation.

How To Get The Most Value for Your Used Phone

Figure out how much iPhone or Android Phone is worth.

Our pricing tool scrapes prices from marketplaces all across the internet. It’ll tell you:

1. The average trade-in value carriers and manufactures offer.

2. The fair market value of your phone, without middlemen taking a cut.

3. The difference between the trade-in value and the fair market value is the cut that middlemen are taking. If you sell your phone directly to a buyer on Glyde, you keep that extra money.

List it on a middlemen-free platform.

When you know how much your phone is worth, it’s time to list it on a platform that’ll let you get the most money. Here at Glyde, we’re obviously biased – we believe that our platform is the best place to sell your used phone because you bypass middlemen with advanced tools that make the transaction transparent and secure.

You can also get a cash offer for your phone on Glyde. It’s one of the easiest, and quickest, ways to sell your phone.

But if you want to do things old-school, you can also list your phone on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or other middlemen-free platforms. But just be careful selling without the transparency and security the Glyde Marketplace offers with tools like mobile diagnostics and smart contracts.

We put together a guide of the Best places to sell your used phone online.

Negotiate terms and finalize the sale.

When you sell your phone on Glyde, we’ll help you figure out the terms of the sale – from warranties to shipping. Because diagnostic tests are run on each phone before it’s listed, we provide your buyer a 3-month warranty. We also pay for shipping.

If you’re selling on a local platform instead, you’ll simply have to negotiate a pickup deal and meeting place with the buyer – which has become harder – and can be a safety issue.

Other platforms have their own terms and rules; so make sure you check those out before you list your phone!

Frequently asked questions about selling used phones

How much is my old phone really worth?

If you spend time online, you’ll know it’s not easy to figure out how much your old used phone is worth. That’s exactly why we created our pricing tool to help you figure out the fair value of your phone. Just head to the top of this page, plug in your phone model and details, and our tool will tell you your phone’s fair market value.

How quickly will my phone lose value?

There are lots of factors that determine how fast your phone loses value. But typically, the value of used phones looks like a plateau: The first two years after a phone releases, it experiences a steep drop in value, losing roughly 50% of its value, depending on the model. But after it’s already an “old phone” by industry standards, its price starts to plateau. So even if you’re still hanging onto an iPhone 7 or 8, it’s still worth something!

Can I sell my old phone online?

Yes! There’s actually a huge market for buying and selling used phones – even old ones. Some sellers use it as a way to make a side-hustle (or full-time) profit. So, even old phones can sell for good prices online.