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Providing iPhone Sellers a One-Stop Shop

September 10, 2012

Glyde is giving iPhone users a quick and easy way to figure out the total cost of upgrading to an iPhone 5 through using Glyde’s iPhone Upgrade Tool, which determines the cost of an upgrade. iPhone users can also use Glyde.com to determine how much cash back they can expect to receive for their used device.

“Just before Apple released the iPhone 4s, we saw the iPhone 4 fetch as much as $304 on Glyde,” said Drew Lieberman, CEO at Glyde. “As we are just days away from the launch of the iPhone 5, we want to let iPhone users know they can help offset the presumably high retail cost of the new iPhone by selling their old device on the Glyde marketplace. That old device is worth cash value – and probably a lot more than the user thought.”

Glyde sellers who use the Speed Sale option, which guarantees the sale of their device in 7 days, can currently expect between $70 and $313 cash back for their used phone.

People who are looking to get top dollar for their iPhones can use the regular sale option on Glyde.com. Current resale values for regular sale iPhones range between $113.75 and $403.75

iPhone users can also use Glyde as a resource to answer important questions regarding their device. In July of 2012, Glyde launched Glydecast, a series of consumer content web pages designed to provide consumers with the resources they need to make educated and economically-sound purchasing decisions. Glydecast helps users resolve typical issues such as:

How to wipe your iPhone: Worried about data theft? Glyde provides a step-by-step guide on how to safely wipe a phone before selling it.

Glyde.com Launches Glydecast

June 27, 2012

Glyde unveiled the results of its recent consumer survey, which focuses on smartphone and tablet use, as well as consumer sentiment toward buying and selling used personal electronics online. The results of the survey illustrated a need for more online informational resources where consumers can educate themselves on the devices they currently own, or may be looking to purchase. In response to this, Glyde is launching, Glydecast, a series of consumer content web pages, designed to provide consumers with the resources they need to make educated and economically-sound purchasing decisions.

Key findings from the survey include:

Only 19 percent of people surveyed sell their personal electronics when they are done using them.

One-third of respondents indicated they feel it is too much of a hassle to sell old electronics online.

One-fourth said that they didn’t think they could get enough money for their old devices.

Glydecast will illustrate what to do with electronics once they’ve been purchased. Much of the content is based on Glyde’s proprietary market data, which analyzes the resale value of used electronics, namely smartphones and tablets.

Glyde.com Debuts Guaranteed Speed Sale

February 16, 2012

Glyde, the leading provider of democratized e-commerce, today announced the launch of Speed Sale, a new service which guarantees the sale of an item within a few days. The new service provides Glyde users with another option for how they sell iPads, iPhones, video games, DVDs and more.

“Speed Sale gives sellers an easier-to-use option to quickly list their item, along with the comfort and security of knowing their item is guaranteed to sell on Glyde,” said Drew Lieberman, CEO at Glyde. “With the average house having 25 consumer electronic devices, you have to figure that some of those are not in use and could be worth real money to people.”

Launching in time for the speculated release of Apple’s next iPad this spring, Glyde anticipates Speed Sale will be very popular with those users who want to sell their current device before or after purchasing a newer and potentially more expensive version. Historically, sellers get more money selling on Glyde versus in-store and online trade in sites. iPad 2s are currently fetching as much as $405 on Glyde.

Sell Your iPhone for More Money and Less Hassle

October 10, 2011

Glyde, the online marketplace that provides the simplest way to list and sell unwanted gadgets for the most money possible, is excited to announce that iPhones can now be easily bought and sold via Glyde. This adds to the extensive list of consumer electronics, video games, books, and DVDs already sold on Glyde. Today’s addition of iPhones is one more example of product expansion driven by customer feedback.

“Glyde users are not shy about telling us what they want in their marketplace,” said CEO Simon Rothman. “The excitement around the iPhone 4S has created a groundswell of demand from customers looking to sell their old phones. Our focus on having an easy to use marketplace for sellers makes listing your old iPhone as easy as dropping it in a junk drawer, and our sellers make substantially more than they would be trading it in.”

First time users can list an item for sale in just seconds by taking advantage of the Glyde Suggested Resale Price (GSRP). When the item sells, Glyde sends you a pre-stamped mailer so you can ship without ever leaving the house. Currently, iPhones are selling on Glyde for 40%-65% more than the amount paid by trade-in sites.