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What’s Your Phone Worth?

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The Glyde App: More Trusted Transactions between Buyers And Sellers

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Selling Your Phone on the Glyde Marketplace: How it Works

Seller downloads the Glyde Connect app, runs diagnostic tests so the buyer has confidence in the phone’s condition.

Create your listing with photos, description, and price. Instantly list right from the app.

Seller ships phone to a buyer, who has 48 hours to run and match diagnostics to the listing, releasing payment from the smart contract.

Transaction Complete!

Mobile Diagnostics

The Glyde Marketplace app puts the same diagnostic technology used by OEMs, wireless carriers, and large wholesalers in buyers and sellers' hands, powering trusted transactions where buyers have a new level of confidence in the condition of the phone they’re buying.

Smart Contracts

Living on an immutable blockchain database, smart contracts hold the buyer's payment in escrow and release payment when the buyer matches the diagnostic results to the seller’s l isting on the mobile app – preventing unscrupulous players from using Glyde.


15% Platform Fees Covers All This Free Stuff Other Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces Don’t Provide.

FAQs about selling used phones on Glyde

How do you list a phone on Glyde?
There are two ways to list a phone on Glyde. For first-time sellers, we recommend downloading our mobile app and creating the listing from there. The app lets you create an account, run diagnostic tests, and complete the listing including picture uploads and pricing, right on the app. Once you have a Glyde account, you can also start listings from my phone tab in the account section of our website. You will still need to run diagnostics on our mobile app to complete a listing, so this is a convenient option if you want to list multiple phones at once.
How long do I have to ship a phone once it’s purchased?
Sellers are required to ship the phone within 3 business days. If the phone is not sent within 7 business days, the purchase is automatically canceled and you are charged the 15% platform fee.
How long does it take to get my money after a buyer purchases my phone?
When a buyer receives the phone they have 48 hours to run the same diagnostics tests you ran on the phone to make sure they match. If the diagnostics match, you’ll receive your money right away. If the buyer doesn’t complete the diagnostics tests within 48 hours of the shipping confirmation time, the money will be automatically transferred to your account.
What happens if the diagnostic test results don’t match?
Unless the phone is damaged between the time you created your listing and when the buyer receives the phone, there should not be any issues. However, if the buyer runs the diagnostics tests and the results don’t match, they have the option to negotiate a lower price with you or open a dispute which will be passed to Glyde customer service. If it is found that the phone is different than listed or that something broke between the time you last ran diagnostics and shipped the phone to the buyer, the buyer will be able to return the phone and you will be responsible for the return shipping cost. The buyer will have 2 business days from when you provide the shipping label to ship the phone back to you. If they fail to ship the phone within the 2 business day window the funds will be released to you.
Are there any fees?
Glyde charges a 15% platform fee on all final sales. This fee covers our free diagnostics tools, standard 3-month warranty, which other peer-to-peer sites don’t offer, and free ground shipping. The platform fee is included in the listing price.
Do I have to offer returns?
No, offering returns is optional. You can customize your return policy when you log into your Glyde account under the account details tab. But note that if the diagnostics test results don’t match when the buyer receives the phone they can return the phone at the seller's expense.
Can I cancel a sale before I ship the phone?
Yes, but you will still be charged the 15% platform fee.
How do I know if my phone is unlocked?
Depending on how you purchased your phone, it may be locked to specific carriers. The process for checking these changes based on what phone you have, but you can check out our blog post here that offers a step-by-step guide to the process!
Do I need to know my ESN to list my phone on Glyde?
An ESN is an Electronic Serial Number, and it’s the best way of identifying your device and verifying that it is real. No two phones will have the same ESN. On most phones, the ESN is in the form of an IMEI, a 15-digit code that can usually be found in the Settings section of your device.
What is an IMEI number?
An IMEI number, which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity number, is a 15-digit number that identifies your phone as unique. Think of it like a social security number for your phone! Each phone will have a different IMEI.
How do I receive my payment?
Glyde uses Stripe for payment processing and all sellers are required to have a Stripe account to receive their funds. You can create a Stripe account with a valid U.S. credit card or bank account. Once the buyer receives the phone and verifies the diagnostic test results, the funds are released to your Stripe account. If the buyer fails to verify the diagnostic test results within 48 hours of the timestamp of the shipping confirmation you are automatically paid.
How can I communicate with the buyer?
You can message the buyer when you are logged into the account section of Glyde. Just go to the my phone section, find the transaction, and click on contact buyer.
Does my listing automatically go away once my phone has been purchased?
Yes, once a buyer has purchased your phone the funds go into a smart contract tied to that specific phone, so we remove the listing from the site. You can track the transaction by logging into your Glyde account and going to the my account page and selecting the my phones tab.
Do listings expire?
Yes, all listings are active for 30 days from when the diagnostic tests are run. If the phone doesn’t sell within 30 days, you can simply re-run the diagnostics and re-list the phone.
How do I update my personal information?
Log into your account and go to the account details tab on the my account page. From there you can update your email, Stripe account, seller details and shipping address.
Can I sell a phone if I’m based outside of the United States?
No. Currently Glyde operates only in the United States.
Can I sell my phone directly to Glyde if I don’t want to sell peer-to-peer?
Yes, we offer cash for your phone. Just take our quiz and you’ll get a cash offer in addition to a suggested price range to list your phone on the marketplace.